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    a href="">Youve Got Mail
    Students create a stamp or postcard representative of a state or country. (Grades 3-8) 08/06/2010

    The Life and Times of Old Glory
    Create a timeline of the U.S. flag. (Grades 3-12) 07/29/2010

    Where Are They Today?
    Explore the history of Native Peoples of the United States. (Grades 3-8) 07/29/2010

    Where in the World Am I Now?
    Find a country using latitude and longitude. (Grades 3-8) 07/29/2010

    Regional BINGO
    How well do students know the regions of the United States? (Grades 3-8) 07/29/2010

    The Lizard List
    What does that lizard live? (Grades 3-8) 07/28/2010

    Giving Thanks: A Compare-and-Contrast Lesson
    A powerful video challenges students to reflect on their lives compared to others. (Grades 4-12) 07/19/2010

    In the Wake of the Amistad
    A timeline of historic events in the fight to end slavery. (Grades 3-12) 07/15/2010

    Celebrating Our Differences
    Explore the pain of discrimination and the beauty of diversity. (Grades 3-12) 07/15/2010

    Read an Airport Map
    Can students find their way around Memphis International Airport? (Grades 3-8)

    Going Batty
    Use maps to find the answers to questions about bat habitats. (Grades 3-12) 07/08/2010

    The Pumpkin in the Jar -- A Riddle Story from the Philippines
    Solve the riddle in this cause-and-effect folktale from the Philippines. (Grades 3-8) 07/08/2010

    Bury Those Negative Thoughts
    This powerful activity will help bury students I cant thoughts and build perseverance. (Grades K-12) 07/08/2010

    Where in the World?
    Find the country names that match the latitude and longitude points, solve the riddle. (Grades 3-12) 07/06/2010

    Taking Stock in the Stock Market
    Track the ups and downs of the stock market -- and the reasons for those fluctuations too. (Grades 4-12) 07/02/2010

    Speed State-ing
    Tons of fun resources for teaching students U.S. states names and locations. (Grades K-12) 06/30/2010

    Capital Ideas (for Teaching State Capitals)
    Ideas and resources for teaching state capital names and locations. (Grades K-12) 06/30/2010

    Comparing Temperatures: Summer Vs. Winter
    Calculate the difference between average summer and winter temperatures for 15 locations around the world. (Grades 3-12) 06/25/2010

    Think Twice for Rice: A Grammar and Vocabulary Game
    This game offers fun and learning as it helps to feed hungry people around the world. (Grades 3-12) 06/24/2010

    Balloon Math: A Game for All Levels
    This game combines physical activity and math reinforcement. (Grades K-8) 12/30/2005

    Where Do Words Come From?
    Discover the foreign-language roots of English words. (Grades 6-12) 12/15/2005

    This game combines spelling words and chance. (Grades K-12) 12/14/2005

    Mapping the Most Common U.S. City Names
    Map the locations of the most common city names in the U.S. (Grades 4-12) 12/13/2005

    Civil War Recipes
    Prepare foods Civil War soldiers might have eaten. (Grades K-12) 12/12/2005

    Puzzle Race Builds Cooperative-Group Skills
    A puzzle race builds cooperative group work skills. (Grades K-8) 12/09/2005

    Comparing Countries
    Graphic organizer helps compare, contrast countries. (Grades 3-12) 12/08/2005

    Immigrants Who Built America
    Explore the lives of ten immigrants who helped make American strong. (Grades 5-12) 12/07/2005

    Combine numbers, letters to form creative 1-800 numbers for local businesses. (Grades 3-8) 12/06/2005

    Seasonal Notepad Gift
    In this simple technology lesson, students create a seasonal notepad gift. (Grades K-12) 12/05/2005

    Design a Coin
    Design and "mint" a quarter for your state or another one. (Grades K-12) 12/02/2005

    A Musical Holiday Gift
    A CD song collection by your students makes a great gift for any holiday. (Grades PreK-12) 12/01/2005

    "Bursting" Stereotypes
    Burst stereotypes in this fun balloon activity. (Grades 3-12) 11/30/2005

    Holiday Wreath Ornament
    Fun holiday project: create a holiday wreath ornament. (Grades K-5) 11/29/2005

    President Jefferson's Cipher: Cracking the Code
    Crack the code President Jefferson used to communicate with Lewis & Clark. (Grades 3-12) 11/28/2005

    Dictionary Detective
    Build students' dictionary skills with this fun activity. (Grades 3-12) 11/23/2005

    Rosa Parks Changed the Rules
    Complete a diagram of the Montgomery bus that carried Rosa Parks on December 1, 1955. (Grades K-5) 11/22/2005

    Celebrate National Inclusive Schools Week
    Ideas for recognizing National Inclusive Schools Week (December 5-9). (All Grades) 11/21/2005

    Coin Count & Classification
    Make, test a prediction about how 100 pennies will sort by decade or year. 11/18/2005

    How Do Clouds Form?
    A hands-on experiment illustrates how clouds form. (Grades K-5) 11/17/2005

    A Letter to Sarah, Plain and Tall
    Sarah, Plain and Tall inspires students as they write friendly letters to Sarah from Anna or Caleb. (Grades 3-8) 11/16/2005

    How Well Do You Follow Directions?
    This easy-to-use activity teaches valuable lessons about the importance of listening and following directions. (Grades K-12) 11/15/2005

    Teaching About Tolerance Through Music
    Analyze Peter, Paul and Mary lyrics with themes of tolerance. (Grades 3-12) 11/14/2005

    Thanksgiving Placemats: A Community Service Project
    Make Thanksgiving placemats as a community service project. (Grades Pre-K-12) 11/11/2005

    Lewis and Clark and the Native Americans
    Learn how the Lewis & Clark expedition impacted Native tribes. (Grades 6-12) 11/10/2005

    Turkeys Gobble Up Bulletin Board Space
    Two fun ways for turkeys to gobble up bulletin board space. (Grades K-5) 11/09/2005

    Leaf Weight-Loss Plan
    Weigh a container of leaves daily; how quickly does it grow lighter? (Grades 3-8) 11/08/2005

    Graphing the Annual Food Drive
    Students graph the amount of food that comes in during the annual food-bank food drive. (Grades K-12) 11/07/2005

    Do the Hokey Pokey in Many Languages
    Use the popular song The Hokey Pokey to teach vocabulary for parts of the body in other languages. 11/04/2005

    Thanksgiving Feast (Read the Charts)
    Learn about where some Thanksgiving feast foods are grown. 11/03/2005

    Graphing Greenery
    Plot on graph paper the coordinates for the shape of a leaf. (Grades 3-8) 11/02/2005

    You Are the Historian: Investigating the First Thanksgiving
    Learn the truth about the "First Thanksgiving." (Grades 3-8) 11/01/2005

    Fingered Felons
    Analyze fingerprint evidence to solve a classroom crime. (Grades 3-8) 10/31/2005

    "Book Report Gallery" Bulletin Board
    A camera is all you need to create this fun bulletin board for Book Week (or anytime). (Grades Pre-K-8) 10/28/2005

    Surname Survey
    Use a local phone book to learn if your community reflects U.S. surname data. (Grades 3-12) 10/27/2005

    U.S. Puzzle Map Bulletin Board
    Research the states, then create a U.S. puzzle map bulletin board for fun and reference. (Grades 3-8) 10/26/2005

    Run the Circulatory System Relay
    Students participate in a circulatory-system relay race. (Grades 6-12) 10/25/2005

    A Lesson in "Comma Sense"
    This fun lesson illustrates how misplaced punctuation can transform the meaning of text. (Grades 6-12) 10/24/2005

    Money Math Match
    Hunt for the classmate who holds a bag of coins of equal value to yours. (Grades K-5) 10/21/2005

    Yellow Pages Ad-dition
    Real math: Figure out how much those Yellow Pages ads cost. (Grades 3-12) 10/20/2005

    Mysteries in the Bag
    Build a mystery story around a bag of evidence. (Grades K-12) 10/19/2005

    "War of the Worlds": A Broadcast Re-Creation
    Relive (and re-create) the panic-causing 1938 radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds." (Grades 6-12) 10/18/2005

    Native American Word Search
    Complete a Native American tribe word search. (Grades 3-8) 10/17/2005

    Celebrate Character Counts Week in October
    Ten ideas for celebrating, plus links to many more. (Grades PreK-12) 10/14/2005

    What Did It Cost in 1903?
    Compare prices of goods today and 100 years ago. (Grades 3-12) 10/13/2005

    Water Use Around the World
    Students compare their water use with water use in other places around the world. (Grades 3-12) 10/12/2005

    Soccer Spelling
    Combine spelling and soccer in this fun game. (Grades K-5) 10/11/2005

    Read a Fall Foliage Map
    Use a color key to read a fall foliage map. Printable work sheet included. (Grades 3-8) 10/10/2005

    Those Tear-Me-Apart, Put-Me-Back-Together, Never-Be-the-Same-Again Blues
    This powerful activity illustrates how words can hurt -- or heal. (Grades Pre-K - 8) 10/07/2005

    Halloween Party Alternatives from UNICEF
    Replace your typical school Halloween party with a valuable service-learning project. (Grades PreK-12) 10/06/2005

    Library Scavenger Hunt
    This activity serves as an introduction to library resources. (Grades 6-8) 10/05/2005

    Graph the Results: Applesauce Taste Test
    A fun fall activity -- make three kinds of applesauce, hold an applesauce taste test. (Grades PreK-8) 10/04/2005

    Weekly Math Challenge
    Set up a "Math Challenge Center" in your classroom. (Grades 3-12) 10/03/2005

    Go West With Columbus
    This game board activity reinforces map skills, map directions. (Grades K-5) 09/30/2005

    The Betsy Ross Story: Truth or Legend?
    The Betsy Ross story -- truth or legend? (Grades 3-12) 09/29/2005

    The Great Chicago Fire: Did Mrs. O'Leary's Cow Really Cause It?
    Investigate the facts about the Great Chicago Fire. What was its real cause? (Grades 6-12) 09/28/2005

    Motherhood Math: Mothers in the Workforce
    Answer questions about a "Mothers in the Workforce" table. (Grades 3-12) 09/27/2005

    Fire Safety Songs (and Poems Too)
    Ten songs and poems for teaching young children about fire safety. (Grades PreK-2) 09/24/2005

    Create a Graph Online
    Students create beautiful graphs with an easy-to-use online tool. (Grades K-12) 09/23/2005

    The Week That Was
    A weekly writing assignment results in a year-end volume of work that documents students' writing progress. (Grades K-12) 09/22/2005

    Art Imitating Life
    Explore role of women by examining art through history. (Grades 6-12) 09/21/2005

    Map Projections: The Grapefruit Activity
    A fun hands-on activity makes clear the purposes of different map projections. (Grades 6-12) 09/20/2005

    A Better Class of Journal-ists
    Create a current events news folder, reflect on the news and main ideas. (Grades K-12) 09/19/2005

    Tracking Fall's Falling Temperatures
    Reinforce many skills by tracking falling temperatures this fall. (Grades 3-12) 09/16/2005

    Hispanic Heritage Activity Fun
    Puzzles, activities for celebrating Hispanic heritage. (Grades 3-12) 09/15/2005

    Autumn Colors Shine Through
    Let autumn shine through with colorful window decorations. (Grades K-5) 09/14/2005

    Build an Oxygen Plant
    Understand the human circulatory system. (Grades 6-12) 09/13/2005

    Getting-to-Know-You Crossword Puzzle
    A class crossword puzzle makes a great back-to-school activity or bulletin board. (Grades K-12) 09/12/2005

    Then and Now
    Compare, contrast current and historical maps of your community. (Grades 3-12) 09/09/2005

    Pinwheels for Peace
    Create "pinwheels for peace" to celebrate International World Peace Day (September 21). (Grades K-12) 09/08/2005

    "Photograph Math" Word Problems
    Students write their own math word problems and stage photos to illustrate them. (Grades K-12) 09/07/2005

    Puzzles With Partners
    A fun reward activity involves puzzles and cooperative groups. (Grades K-12) 09/06/2005

    Critical Thinking With Fables New and Old
    A powerful modern-day fable leads to an exploration of Aesop's fables and students writing their own. 09/05/2005

    Candy Colors: Figuring the Mean, Median, and Mode
    Count candies by color; then calculate mean, median, and mode. (Grades 3-12) 09/01/2005

    A "Typical Day" Then and Now
    Students compare their "typical day" to a grandparent's typical day when he or she was a child. (Grades K-8) 08/31/2005

    Folktale Writing
    Author helps students write folktales of their own. (Grades 3-8) 08/30/2005

    Guess-timating Fun
    Fun activity reinforces concepts of estimation, number lines, mean, median, and mode. (Grades K-12) 08/29/2005

    Earn Spelling Points!
    More than 20 activities for spicing up your weekly spelling lessons. (Grades K-12) 08/29/2005

    Memorable Maps
    "Memorable maps" lesson shows a year of geography skill growth. (Grades K-12) 08/25/2005

    ZIP Code Math
    Students add or subtract to solve ZIP Code math word problems. (Grades 3-12) 08/24/2005

    Earth at Night
    Identify 10 cities on an "Earth at Night" map. (Grades 3-12) 08/23/2005

    The Mail Race
    Students write friendly letters to random schools; track responses on a map. (Grades 3-8) 08/19/2005

    Speedy Spelling Bee
    Teams of students work together in this spelling bee with a twist. (Grades K-12) 08/19/2005

    What's Inside My Computer?
    Draw a picture of what a computer might look like inside. Then explore more! (Grades 3-12) 08/18/2005

    Using Graphic Organizers to Generate Genre Definitions
    Use a graphic organizer to form definitions of a variety of literary genres. (Grades 3-12) 08/17/2005

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Needs Math in Life at All?
    A fun bulletin board helps students explore how they use math in their lives. (Grades Pre-K-12) 08/16/2005

    Ten Characters from American Folklore
    Learn about 10 characters from American folklore. (Grades 3-12) 08/15/2005

    Detective Spellcheck Game
    Hunt for spelling errors in this game of skill and quick reaction! (Grades K-8) 08/13/2005

    Proverbs of One World
    Create a book of proverbs that offer lessons of tolerance and respect. (Grades 3-12) 08/11/2005

    Math Madness: A Game for Small Groups
    Adapt this active game for any math skill you are teaching! (Grades K-12) 08/10/2005

    Roman Numeral Math
    Solve simple math problems using Roman numerals. (Grades 3-12) 08/09/2005

    Create a Country
    Students apply geography skills as they create a map of an imaginary country. (Grades 3-12) 08/08/2005

    Spelling Takes a Hit!
    This game puts the "active" in spelling active-ity! (Grades K-5) 08/06/2005

    Up-to-Date Aesop
    Rewrite an Aesop fable in modern language and a modern setting. (Grades K-12) 08/05/2005

    Hieroglyphics: It's Not Greek to Me! (It's Egyptian!)
    Use hieroglyphic characters, an online hieroglyphic translator too. (Grades 3-12) 08/04/2005

    A Math Game for Reinforcing Computation Skills
    This dice-and-math game provides practice in many math skills. (Grades K-12) 08/03/2005

    Kudos by Kiddos
    Students design and award medals for their favorite children's books. (Grades 3-12) 08/02/2005

    Student Learning-Strengths Inventory
    Take an inventory of your students' learning strengths. (Grades K-12) 08/01/2005

    Design a Poet-T
    Transform a plain white T-shirt into a "Poet-T." (Grades 3-12) 07/28/2005

    Bowling Math
    Keeping score of a bowling match is a fun way to learn math. (Grades 3-8) 07/27/2005

    Round-Robin Reading Quiz
    A cooperative reading strategy that works. (Grades K-12) 07/26/2005

    Area Code Mathematics
    Solve math problems based on telephone area codes. (Grades 3-12) 07/25/2005

    Hang a Flag Mural
    Greet school visitors with a student-created flag mural. (Grades K-12) 07/22/2005

    Math Magic
    Students impress others by calculating a person's age. (Grades 3-12) 07/21/2005

    May I Take Your Order, Please? (A Sequencing Activity)
    Adapt this "sequencing" reading lesson to all subjects. (Grades 3-12) 07/20/2005

    Comparing Composers: Beethoven and Mozart
    Read about and compare Beethoven and Mozart. Work sheet included. (Grades 3-12) 07/19/2005

    Draw Like an Egyptian
    Learn how to draw like an Egyptian. (Grades K-12) 07/18/2005

    We Love to READ" Bulletin Board
    Bulletin board makes perfect backdrop for min book reports. (Grades K-5) 07/15/2005

    Australia: Lessons About the 'Land Down Under'!
    Learn about Australia's culture, geography, language (Grades K-12) 07/14/2005

    Did You Know...
    Take a true-false quiz about Hispanic history. (Grades 6-8) 07/13/2005

    Four Corner Fun: A Review Game
    Multiple-choice questions are center stage in this review activity. (Grades Pre-K - 12) 07/12/2005

    Stage a Debate: A Primer for Teachers
    Ten strategies for creating lively debates in the classroom. (Grades 3-12) 07/11/2005

    Five Spelling Games
    Spice up spelling routines with these five activities. (Grades K-8) 07/08/2005

    The Recycle Games
    You've heard of the Olympic Games. How about the Recycle Games? (Grades K-12) 07/07/2005

    Where in the World?
    Locate famous landmarks around the world; develop research skills. (Grades 3-8) 07/06/2005

    Thinking About Our Troops
    A handful of ways to connect students with our overseas troops. (Grades K-12) 07/05/2005

    Book Week Celebration
    Great book activities for all year long. (Grades K-12) 07/01/2005

    Graphic Organizer: Research Note Taking Made Easy
    Note-taking graphic organizer makes researching easier. (Grades 3-8) 06/30/2005

    Pet Pellets
    Create an advertising campaign for a new pet food. (Grades 3-12) 06/29/2005

    Popcorn Math
    Use popcorn to teach a wide range of math concepts. (Grades K-8) 06/28/2005

    Teaching Students to Tell Time: Three Resources for Busy Teachers
    Three activity sheets develop, reinforce time-telling skills. (Grades K-5) 06/27/2005

    You Can Count on Spelling
    "Scrabble spelling" offers spelling and math practice. (Grades K-12) 06/24/2005

    Round Robin Post-It Review
    Small-group activity a fun way to review, prep students for test. (Grades K-12) 06/23/2005

    Music Math: Create a Clapping Symphony
    Use fractions as you create a clapping symphony. (Grades 3-12) 06/22/2005

    How Long Does Trash Last
    In this cooperative activity, learn how long trash lasts. (Grades 3-8) 06/21/2005

    Four Corner Debate
    The "four corner" debate strategy gets kids thinking and moving. (Grades K-12) 06/20/2005

    Five Quick Games Build Reading Skills
    Five quick games build reading skills. (Grades K-8) 06/18/2005

    Popcorn Nutrition
    How nutritious are the snack foods you eat? (Grades 3-8) 06/17/2005

    Book Report BINGO
    Book Report BINGO offers a variety of book report approaches. (Grades 3-12) 06/16/2005

    A World of Information
    Color maps to illustrate "top ten" statistics about our world. (Grades 3-12) 06/15/2005

    Just a Minute!
    This activity helps students put one minute in perspective. (Grades K-12) 06/14/2005

    Spelling BINGO
    Review spelling words by playing Spelling BINGO. (Grades K-12) 06/10/2005

    Copy-Paper Scrap Projects
    Turn scrap paper into a lesson in following directions. (Grades 3-8) 06/09/2005

    Sunrise, Sunset: Quickly Go the Days
    Why does Alaska have less daylight than your state has? (Grades 3-12) 06/08/2005

    How Does Your Tree Measure Up?
    Work in groups to calculate the height of a tree. (Grades 3-12) 06/07/2005

    Where Did Foods Originate? (Foods of the New World and Old World)
    Explore how New World explorers changed the Old World's diet. (Grades K-12) 06/06/2005

    Chain Together A Book Report
    Students work in small groups to put together "Chain Book Reports." (Grades K-12) 06/04/2005

    20 Field Day Activities Any Kid Can Do (And Do Well!)
    Twenty PE activities any student will enjoy. (Grades K-8) 06/03/2005

    Incredible Shrinking Notes
    A fun 3-step process helps students "boil down" note taking. (Grades 3-12) 06/02/2005

    Arbor Day Across the United States -- A Color-Key Map Activity
    Use a color key map to learn about planting times in the U.S. (Grades 3-8) 06/01/2005

    This Is America! Flag Collage
    Make a flag collage from cut-up magazine photos. (Grades K-12) 05/27/2005

    Circulatory System Travel Brochures
    Create travel brochures for a trip through the human circulatory system. (Grades 6-12) 05/26/2005

    Heroes in History ABC Book
    Create a Heroes in History ABC book. (Grades 3-12) 05/25/2005

    Who Are Your Heroes?
    Work sheet helps students organize their "Who is my hero? thinking. (Grades 3-8) 05/24/2005

    What Makes a Hero?
    A questionnaire helps students define what makes a hero. (Grades 3-12) 05/23/2005

    Use Literature to Teach Tolerance
    Use popular literature to teach tolerance. (Grades Pre-K - 12) 05/20/2005

    Spelling Counts!
    Create and solve codes based on the numerical values of spelling list words. (Grades 3-8) 05/19/2005

    What's in a Name?
    Use clues to identify U.S. cities with unusual names. (Grades 3-12) 05/18/2005

    Working on the Slant
    Learn about slant by comparing how several newspapers cover a story. (Grades 3-12) 05/17/2005

    Those Who Fought
    Students interview veterans of World War II. (Grades 6-12) 05/16/2005

    H2O to Go
    Sponge relay race offers a fun way to learn math (measurement) skills. (Grades K-8) 05/13/2005

    Made in...
    Plot the sources of students' clothing on a world map. (Grades 3-5) 05/12/2005

    Fifty States Field Day
    Fifty States Field Day "exercises" geography skills. (Grades Pre-K - 12) 05/11/2005

    Understanding Needs and Feelings
    Complete this story to show how different people deal with needs, feelings. (Grades 3-5) 05/10/2005

    The Top Ten Reasons for Going Into Space
    Consider the validity of the "top ten reasons for going into space. (Grades 6-12) 05/09/2005

    Passport to Stories Around the World
    Students fill out a passport as they read tales from each continent. (Grades K-12) 05/06/2005

    Crack the Code
    Learn about fossil fuels as you solve cryptograms. (Grades 3-8) 05/05/2005

    P Is for Poetry
    Young students, ESL students build vocab as they create simple ABC poems. (Grades K-12) 05/04/2005

    Rescuers: Those Who Risked Their Lives to Save Others
    Read Holocaust rescue accounts, write reflective essays. (Grades 6-12) 05/03/2005

    Invent a Great New Game!
    Given four items of equipment, students invent a game that can be played. (Grades K-12) 05/02/2005

    Reporting Live from the 20th Century
    Report live from one of the top news stories of the 20th century. (Grades 3-12) 04/29/2005

    The Wall Inspires Letters to Veteran
    Inspire students to write letters to veterans at local hospitals. (Grades K-12) 04/28/2005

    Saying No!
    Write scripts, present plays about saying no to drugs. (Grades 3-12) 04/27/2005

    Act It Out: Dramatizing Stories from Asian American Cultures
    Act out folktales, fairy tales, or myths from Asian American cultures. (Grades K-12) 04/26/2005

    Cells are 3-D!
    Students make 3-dimensional models of plant and animal cells. (Grades 6-12) 04/25/2005

    Practice math facts with this game of skill and chance. (Grades K-12) 04/22/2005

    There Are Algae in Your House!
    You'll be amazed at the foods you eat that contain algae! (Grades 3-12) 04/21/2005

    Every Day Is Presidents' Day at the White House
    Young students role play being President of the United States. (Grades K-3) 04/20/2005

    Save the Library!
    Students write letters to save a library from closure. (Grades 3-8) 04/19/2005

    Heads Up for Headlines!
    Write headlines that express the main ideas of news stories. (Grades K-12) 04/18/2005

    The Case of the Disappearing Frogs
    Students work to solve "The Case of the Disappearing Frogs." (Grades 3-8) 04/15/2005

    Kids Bullying Kids
    Survey, discuss data about bullying in your school. (Grades 3-8) 04/14/2005

    Bark Art
    Learn about Australia's Aborigines, create Aboriginal bark art. (Grades K-5) 04/13/2005

    From One Child to Another: Letters About the Holocaust
    Read a "Children of the Holocaust" biography; write a letter to that child. (Grades 3-8) 04/12/2005

    Overflowing the Banks
    Hands-on activity teaches about how floods happen. (Grades 3-8) 04/11/2005

    Junk Mail Overload!
    Students track, graph the amount of junk mail their families receive. (Grades 3-12) 04/08/2005

    How Much Water Do Plants Need?
    Study effects of varying amounts of water on plants. (Grades K-8) 04/07/2005

    The Cost of War
    Study a chart of Civil War deaths, answer the questions. (Grades 3-8) 04/06/2005

    Sound It Out
    Introduce phonetic spellings with this activity. (Grades 3-8) 04/05/2005

    Dramatizing Folktales, Legends, and Myths
    Read, act out folktales from Native American cultures. (Grades 3-8) 04/04/2005

    Stage a Poetry Slam!
    Stage a classroom or school-wide poetry slam. (Grades 3-12) 04/01/2005

    Earth Day PSA
    Students develop PSAs to draw attention to community environmental issues. (Grades 3-12) 03/31/2005

    A Moth Is Not a Butterfly!
    Students create a Venn diagram comparing moths and butterflies. (Grades K-5) 03/30/2005

    Compare the features of three different types of credit cards. (Grades 9-12) 03/29/2005

    Wind and Wings
    Experiments help students understand the principles of flight. (Grades K-8) 03/28/2005

    Geography Bee
    Hold a classroom Geography Bee. (Grades 3-12) 03/25/2005

    "Greenhouse" Sprouts Garden
    Grow sprouts from seeds using soil in clear plastic bags. (Grades K-8) 03/24/2005

    Breaking the Code
    Learn about the importance of cryptography during WWII. (Grades 6-12) 03/23/2005

    Basketball Notes
    You thought no lesson could combine basketball, music! (Grades 3-8) 03/22/2005

    By The Numbers
    Use a chart to answer questions about Native populations in U.S. states. (Grades 3-8) 03/21/2005

    Basketball for Better Verse
    Celebrate March Madness; write basketball poetry. (Grades 3-12) 03/18/2005

    Put a Woman on a Stamp
    Nominate a woman to be honored on a new commemorative stamp. (Grades 6-12) 03/17/2005

    Eggshell People
    Create eggshell people; write eggshell people diaries, poems. (Grades K-5) 03/16/2005

    Rockin' Rhythm Band
    Create rhythms from ordinary objects. (Grades K-12) 03/15/2005  

    Art Imitates Life
    Study postcards of World War I; create postcards that reflect your life. (Grades 3-12) 03/14/2005

    Personalized Books
    Create personalized books on the Web. (Grades K-2) 03/11/2005

    Do You See What I See?
    Reproduce a work of art by following oral directions. (Grades 6-12) 03/10/2005

    Catchy Captions
    A lesson in newspaper photo captions and caption writing. (Grades K-5) 03/09/2005

    A Bernoulli Levitator
    Suspend an object in the air by blowing down on it. (Grades 9-12) 03/08/2005

    Code Talkers
    Learn about Navajo code talkers; create, decode secret messages. (Grades 3-12) History 03/07/2005

    Make a Music Video
    Create a short music video for a familiar children's song. (Grades K-12) 03/04/2005

    Reacting to Conflict
    Explore different ways people deal with conflict. (Grades 6-8) 03/03/2005

    Up from the Roots
    Dissect the roots -- and root meanings -- of some words. (Grades 3-8) 03/02/2005

    Fun Food Quiz: True or False?
    Fun food quiz tests knowledge of vegetables, fruits. (Grades 3-8) 03/01/2005

    Write a Round-Robin Story
    In groups of five, every student takes part in writing a round-robin story. (Grades 3-12) 02/28/2005

    Persuade the Aliens:
    Be an alien. Persuade your master to adopt a custom you witnessed on Earth. (Grades K-12) 02/25/2005

    Earth from Space Maps
    Use maps from space to create large local, U.S., or world maps. (Grades 3-12) 02/24/2005

    What a Pair! A Cross-Grade Writing Activity
    Older and younger students team up in this cross-grade writing activity. (Grades K-12) 02/23/2005

    You Be the Editor
    Student-editors work in teams to correct errors in this fast-paced activity. (Grades K-12) 02/22/2005

    Follow the Drinking Gourd
    Create an art project based on a song used to guide slaves to freedom. (Grades K-2) 02/21/2005

    Postmark U.S.A.:
    Collect postmarks; track them on a classroom map. (Grades K-8) 02/18/2005

    Who Said That?
    Complete a tutorial on Web literacy; use what you learn to evaluate a Web site. (Grades K-5) 02/17/2005

    Think About It!
    These math problems demand logic, common sense, creative thinking. (Grades 3-8) 02/16/2005

    Where Am I?
    Use latitude and longitude to identify volcano locations. (Grades 6-12) 02/15/2005

    A Monument, Please, for the Big Cheese!
    Choose one president; design a monument that reflects his achievements. (Grades 3-12) 02/14/2005

    Using Dictionary Entries
    Use this student work sheet with any dictionary page. (Grades 3-8) 02/11/2005

    Help Wanted: President of the United States
    Learn about the President's responsibilities; write a want ad for the position. (Grades 3-12) 02/10/2005  

    Honor Your School and Community Heroes
    Students create special event or award to honor a community hero. (Grades K-12) 02/09/2005  

    President for a Day
    Students pretend they are president for a day. (Grades K-8) 02/08/2005

    Presidents Picture Book
    Create a picture book of U.S. presidents. (Grades K-8) 02/04/2005

    Headline News
    Create simple stories using words cut from newspaper headlines. (Grades 3-12) 02/03/2005

    Using Primary Sources: Letters from the Presidents
    Learn about the U.S. presidents through actual letters they wrote. (Grades 6-12) 02/02/2005

    Civil War Slang
    Ideas for teaching about the life and diary of Anne Frank. (Grades 6-12) 02/01/2005

    A Month of Mapping Literature
    Use literature to take your students on a world tour. (Grades 3-12) 01/31/2005

    Read books to raise funds for the school library. (Grades K-12) 01/28/2005  

    Examine the real messages behind advertising. (Grades 6-12) 01/27/2005

    Language Arts Lesson Plan
    Use synonyms to rewrite news headlines and articles. (Grades 3-8) 01/26/2005

    Space Tourism Brochure
    Create travel brochures to sell tourists on the concept of space travel. (Grades 6-12) 01/25/2005

    It's Up for Debate
    Debate two issues of WWII era: atomic bomb and internment camps. (Grades 9-12) 01/24/2005

    This game combines spelling words and chance. (Grades K-12) 01/21/2005

    Editorial Cartoons
    Study editorial cartoons; create your own. (Grades 9-12) 01/20/2005  

    An Immigration Graph
    Create a graph to show the number of immigrants by country of origin. (Grades 3-8) 01/19/2005  

    Germs Experiment
    Observe the growth of germs on three germ-covered potato slices. (Grades K-8) 01/18/2005  

    Create a Word
    Have fun making up new words, writing definitions for them. (Grades 3-12) 01/17/2005  

    The Dictionary Game
    A fun activity for building students' vocabulary. (Grades 3-8) 01/14/2005   

    Native American Recipes
    Make journey cakes and other Native American foods. (Grades K-12) 01/13/2005

    Creating Energy from Water
    Learn about hydroelectricity, make a model water turbine. (Grades 3-8) 01/12/2005  

    Fun With Calendars
    This lesson combines algebra and fun with calendars. 01/11/2005

    Civil War Slang
    Explore slang words and phrases used during the Civil War. 01/10/2005   

    Presidents at Inauguration Graph: How Old Were They?
    Graph the presidents' ages at inauguration. (Grades K-8) 01/07/2005

    How the Kangaroo Got Its Pouch
    Create a play based on an Australian kangaroo legend. (Grades 3-5) 01/06/2005

    Triangles Are Not Bad!
    Perform a play about prejudice, tolerance. (Grades K-4) 01/05/2005  

    Retablo-Style Self-Portraits
    Create self-portraits in the style of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. (Grades 3-12) 01/04/2005  

    Where in the World Is That Volcano?
    Locate active volcanoes on a world map. (Grades 3-8) 01/03/2005 

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