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Spelling BINGO 

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    Language Arts


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Brief Description

Students review spelling words by playing a game of Spelling BINGO.



Students will

  • play a game that helps them review their spelling words prior to the weekly test.



BINGO, spelling, review, game


Materials Needed


Lesson Plan

This lesson offers a fun way to review spelling words before a test, or anytime. The game is a fun way to practice frequently misspelled words too!

Write on a board or chart the week's spelling words or words you have selected for this review. Provide at least 24 words. If your students' weekly spelling list is only ten words, supplement the list with

Provide each student with a blank Spelling BINGO card. Instruct students to write one word in each box on the BINGO card. (Students might exchange cards with a partner to double check their spelling.)

Cover the words on the board or chart. Then ask one student to stand (so he or she cannot see the words on the card). Randomly call out one word from the list. (Or you might have written each word on a slip of paper and put the slips in a hat; draw one slip at a time.) Say the spelling word. If the standing student correctly spells the word, put that word aside and students cover or X the word on their cards. If the student does not spell the word correctly, the word is returned to the hat and students do not mark the word on their cards.

Next, call on another student and draw a new word from the hat

Continue playing until somebody has five squares in a row marked. When that happens, the student must call out BINGO!

The game is not over until the student calls out each covered word. The words must match words that have been pulled from the hat and set aside. Then the student must stand and spell each covered word correctly as you call it out. If the student does not spell all words correctly, the game is not over. Continue the game until the next student calls out BINGO! The game ends when a student correctly spells aloud all the words that comprise his or her BINGO.



This fun game reinforces the week's spelling words. When test day comes, all students score at least 80 percent.


Lesson Plan Source

Education World


Submitted By

Gary Hopkins


National Standards

NL-ENG.K-12.12 Applying Language Skills


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Originally published 05/23/2003
Last updated 04/30/2009