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Just the Facts: Five Fun Math Games
Practice! That's how most students learn their addition facts or times tables. Rote drill is a popular and proven tool for learning math facts. But it's OK to lighten up and add some fun to learning. Included: Games to engage students as they learn their facts.

Math Fun (Volume 3)
These five activities can be used to reinforce a variety of skills. Included: Activities that teach critical thinking, computation, decimals, more.

A Puzzle A Day Provides Practice That Pays
Puzzles exercise students' critical thinking skills while providing practice in many curriculum areas. Puzzles make great "bellringer" activities. Introduce a puzzle a day: A puzzle a day provides practice that pays Included: A year of puzzles.

Site Review: MathIsFun
MathIsFun provides a great supplement to traditional lessons. Newcomers may be surprised to find so much content on this relatively small site.

Plan a Pi Day Party for This March 14
Teachers in many classrooms are planning to celebrate P Day this month. Pi - the number 3.14 -- gets its own special day on 3/14, or March 14. Ed World editors have gathered a collection of links to ideas and activities around which you can plan your own Pi Party.

Math Night by the Numbers
Get students excited about math, familiarize parents with the curriculum, and encourage families to continue the fun at home. Included: Advice from organizers of School Nights.

It's About Time: Teaching Students to Tell Time
Telling time is a skill often relegated to when-the-teacher-finds-time status. But it is a skill as real-life and essential addition. Included: Five fun lessons focused on teaching kids to tell time plus links to 20 more lessons for teaching about time.

Reviving Reviews: Refreshing Ideas Students Can't Resist
Is review time a deadly bore for you and your students? Add a little fun to review time and you might be surprised. Games will spice up reviews, revive interest, and ensure retention! Included: Five activities for use in all subjects, all grades.

Iditarod: Ten Work Sheets Teach About the Iditarod
The Iditarod is a "teachable moment" that rivals few others. Wise teachers use this annual sled dog race to teach geography and language skills, history, and science. This week, Education World provides 10 work sheets for students in grades 4 to 8.

Were In the Money: Lessons for Teaching About Money
Every time we spend a dime -- or a penny or a dollar -- we see the face of one of our presidents! What better time than Presidents Day can there be to teach kids about money? Included: Five hands-on lessons. Hold a "money bee," make predictions, learn about inflation/the cost of goods over time, more.

Math Fun! (Volume 2)
Math class doesn't have to be stay-in-your-seat quiet. Kids will love practicing their computation skills with these six activities -- in which the emphasis is on the "active." Activities include dice, playing cards, candy, cameras, and more.

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