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Site Review: MathIsFun


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Content:  Here users can find help for nearly every math discipline and grade level.

Design:  Given that for many students, math is a complicated subject, the simplicity of this site offers relief. One main map-like graphic dominates the screen and contains clickable images that serve as the primary navigation.

Once they arrive at their desired mathematical destination, users get logically ordered lists of tips, tutorials and worksheets. Everything is easy to follow and laid out in a clean and concise manner

Review: MathIsFun provides a great supplement to traditional lessons. Newcomers may be surprised to find so much content on this relatively small site.

The teachers’ area offers classroom suggestions and tips for helping struggling students. The games area, with interactive brain teasers and mathematical memory games, can be a terrific way to get math-shy students into the right frame of mind.

Bottom Line: Covering everything from addition and monetary values to algebra and geometry, MathIsFun nicely complements classroom math lessons.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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