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Week of May 5, 2014


Student Data: Moving Past Transparent to Tangible
Recent high-profile cases of data breaches have spurred confusion and concern. Combine these developments with the current momentum in schools to move education data from isolated tanks to connected pipes with active flows, and you have a combustible mix.

Oregon Plans to Rate Teachers Based Partly on Students’ Test Scores
Educators who teach reading or math in a grade in which state tests are given would be ranked based on their students’ year-over-year improvements on those tests. Other teachers would be scored based on students’ gains from a spring or fall pre-test to a spring post-test in their subject.

Four in Five Students Graduate High School in U.S.
U.S. public high schools have reached a milestone, an 80 percent graduation rate. Yet that still means 1 of every 5 students walks away without a diploma.

Obama Administration Wants Better-Trained Teachers
Education Secretary Arne Duncan said his agency wants to support quality training programs and weed out those that are weak. Programs that are producing less-successful teachers need to change or go out of business, he said.

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