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Newsletters 'R Us

Newsletters 'R Us is a simple concept. Here Education World presents features that you can copy and paste directly into your school-home newsletters. Click and voila! These features are tailor-made for your newsletters -- written with the parents of your students in mind. Use these images freely in your send-home newsletters -- no further permission required.

ABCs of Student Success
Written by Addie Gaines, principal at Kirbyville (Missouri) Elementary School, these 26 copy-and-paste images emphasize the important role that parents play in the achievement of your schools students.

Caught On the Web
Parents are always looking for Web sites that are safe and fun. The sites in this weekly cut-and-paste feature are that and more. In addition to being kid-friendly, they might even result in a little learning.

Clipart Library for Newsletters
Bring life and color to you newsletters with this library of free clipart. Clipart is offered for each month of the school year. Public or private school educators can simply copy and past the clipart into school newsletters, flyers, or Web pages. For school use only!

Fun Facts
Liven up your weekly parent or staff newsletter with these amazing -- or just plain interesting -- Fun Facts. Simply copy and paste this ready-made feature into a space in your newsletter. Your readers are bound to learn a fact or two!

Include these copy-and-paste images in your weekly newsletter to parents. Each activity offers an easy way for parents to reinforce math skills at home. Many of these activities are fun games for parents and kids to play together.

Parent Newsletter Templates
Are you looking for a simple template for your parent newsletter? We have ten of them -- one for each month of the school year. These Word document templates have spaces for you to type in your newsletter title, articles, and even a monthly school calendar!

Parent Pointers to Ponder
Marguerite McNeely, principal at Hayden R. Lawrence Middle School, a grade 4-6 school in Deville, Louisiana, provides these quick pointers for parents. Each short and to-the-point tip is great filler for the top or bottom of any page in your newsletter.

Inspirational quotes make great additions to parent or staff newsletters. These 36 quotes (one for each week of the school year) have been hand-picked for their educational messages. They are designed to fit the bottom length of your 8-1/2- x 11-inch newsletter page.