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ABCs of Student Success

Written by Addie Gaines, principal at Kirbyville (Missouri) Elementary School, these 26 mini-essays emphasize the important role that parents play in the achievement of your schools students. Simply copy and paste the essays and -- voila! -- you have a ready-made feature to drop into your parent newsletter template.

A Is for Attendance

B Is for Bedtime

C Is for Choices

D Is for Determination

E Is for Empathy

F Is for Failure

G Is for Grace

H Is for Homework

I Is for Independence

J Is for Jobs

K Is for the Kitchen

L Is for Listening

M Is for Money

N Is for Nothing

O Is for Overcoming Obstacles

P Is for Parent Involvement

Q Is for Questions

R Is for Respect

S Is for Security

T Is for Testing

U Is for Unique

V Is for VIPs

W Is for Wisdom

X Is for eXplore

Y Is for Yesterday

Z Is for Zoomed