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From interactive, student-driven demonstrations to detailed timelines to facts on the physics of flying and more, these sites have history, math, and science resources for your next transportation or aviation unit.

Resources include teacher-tested classroom activities, games, and printables; fun ways for kids to practice and extend early literacy skills; and sites to help teachers integrate alphabet practice into the curriculum.

Alphabet, Part 2
Whether you make these easy-to-use and fun Web sites available in a computer center or display them on a projector, valuable ideas for teaching and learning the alphabet are just a click away.

American History
Resources for teachers and students range from basic historical facts to virtual investigations of historical events; explore primary documents, lesson plans and interactive classroom activities.

American Literature
These sites, devoted to the works, lives, and influence of some of America's most important authors, include digital versions of authors' works, interactive features; primary source documents, and more.

Art History
Animations, photographs, maps, timelines, interactive games, and activities offer teachers and students unique ways of thinking about art and of learning about the development of art through the ages.

Seventeen sites containing K-4 resources on autumn foliage, including printouts, interactive games, collaborative projects, and even breaking news on the genetics of the changing colors.

Bugs and Insects
Insects are an extremely diverse group, existing in a seemingly endless variety of shapes and sizes and colors and disguises. Why not add a little diversity -- and excitement -- to your spring activities?

Online Career sites can help young people make informed decisions as they explore career opportunities, choose a college major, or make the transition from school to work.

Children's Literature
Instant access to materials geared toward helping children experience the enjoyment of reading, including online books, author interviews, book reviews, lesson plans, and more.

College Prep
Tools for comparing colleges and for choosing the right college, plus tips for applying for financial aid and scholarships, safety suggestions, college prep resources, entrance exam study guides, and much more.

Whether your early childhood students know their colors or are still learning them, these age-appropriate activities will reinforce emerging literacy skills while providing practice in computer mouse use.

Community Helpers
Check out these Web sites for preK and primary games, information, and printable worksheets about such community helpers as police officers, postal employees, doctors, shopkeepers, and many others.

Countries of the World
Where in the world is Nepal and how does its GNP compare to that of other nations? Check out these sites to discover and compare information about the countries of the world.

Current Events
Written in an appealing and age-appropriate format, these sites keep students informed about what's happening in the world, while providing teachers with instructional materials that link news to the curriculum.

June 6 is the anniversary of the World War II invasion at Normandy. Here you'll find links to a handful of interesting D-Day Web sites.

December Holidays
Don't let the December holidays disrupt the learning in your classroom. These online resources help incorporate the holidays into real learning activities -- and provide a little fun as well.

Earth Day
On April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. These sites help make students aware of the risks of neglecting the environment and of their responsibility for maintaining it.

Economics sites help students learn to be smarter consumers, savers, and investors. The sites include interactive activities, lesson plans, games, curriculum materials, articles, and more.

What kinds of people chose a life of exploration, challenge and discovery? Learn the answer to that question as you read about the adventures of explorers from Christopher Columbus to Neil Armstrong.

How do humans see? Vision and eye anatomy can be hard for students of all ages to understand. Join us as we look for the Web's best resources on sight, including sites for elementary, middle- and high-school students.

Family Fun Sites
Family Fun Sites offer parents an opportunity to safely explore the Internet with their children. Many sites have an educational focus, giving parents an opportunity to get involved in their child's learning as well.

The average high-school graduate lacks basic skills in the management of personal financial affairs. These sites will help students with such finance basics such checking accounts, taxes, saving, budgeting, more.

Fine Arts
Fine Arts sites offer resources and information about everything from sculpture, music, drawing, crafts, graphic design, digital art, and the performing arts, to creative ways of turning recycled items into fine art.

Among these comprehensive online resources for K-12 folktale activities, you'll find online books, writing prompts, interviews with storytellers, international folktale exchanges, ideas for units and lesson plans, and more.

Free Photos on the Web
Looking for copyright-friendly images in your presentations and in your students' work? Want hard-to-find historical images or photos from a country halfway across the world? Check out these sites.  

These sites offer a world of geographical resources and information for the classroom, including fact sheets, maps, lesson plans, interactive games and activities, quizzes, and a variety of visual and audio resources.

Are you looking for ways to spice up your next grammar review? Check out this baker's dozen of Web sites with hundreds of interactive quizzes, PowerPoint lectures, fun games, and more!

The Heart
What better time than St.Valentine's Day to teach students how the human heart works? Whether they're preschoolers or high-schoolers, you're sure to find a site here that will unlock the mysteries of the heart.

General Health sites provide students and adults with information and activities designed to help them stay healthy, as well as with tips and strategies for understanding and coping with illness.

Have your students heard the legends of Beowulf or William Tell? Read of the adventures of Christopher Columbus? Visit these sites to explore heroes of history -- and of today.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Were the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary acts of war or blatant atrocities? Explore some of the best sites for learning and teaching about those historic events.

A wealth of resources -- including graphics, timelines, maps, primary documents, video, audio clips, lesson plans, and interactive activities -- for everyone from historical researchers to schoolchildren.

Hoax Sites
Today's browsers can choose from millions of sites created by experts, pseudo-experts, enthusiasts, fanatics, and the just plain ignorant. With so many resources, how can you tell what's real and what's not?

Holiday Web Sites
Resources to help you get in the spirit of the season and teach your students more about Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Chanukah. ten Web sites that no elf could do without.

Homework Help
Do your students often need help completing homework assignments, but don't know where to look or how to narrow down the available resources? Homework Help sites can make the task more manageable.

Interactive Web Sites
Interactive Web sites give students and teachers an alternative to paper and pencil tasks. These sites -- including games, stories, simulations, and virtual labs -- are available for most ages in most major subjects.

iPod Resources
Once considered just a portable music player, the iPod now is making a splash in many K-12 and college classrooms. Discover how this popular new technology is being used for teaching and learning.

Lewis and Clark
This collection of sites includes online activities, lesson plans, curriculum resources, primary documents, maps, and more designed to help students disover and explore information about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Life Science
Fifteen sites containing information about organisms and life processes, as well as such resources as interactive activities, teacher guides, videos, animations, virtual labs, and hands-on activities for the classroom.

Life Skills
Life skills Web sites include resources on increasing self-esteem, effective communication, responsible citizenship, decision-making, problem solving and peer pressure.

A variety of online reading material from classic novels to short stories, from poems to picture books, as well as book reviews, discussion guides, book talks, and resources about authors and illustrators.

Lunar Eclipse
Don't be caught napping during this month's lunar eclipse! Education World editors have searched the Web to find these astronomically great sites that will help you prepare your students for the upcoming event.

Math Across the Curriculum
Dozens of math-related sites that will add to your lessons and multiply your effectiveness, including sites for teachers of K-3, 4-6, and 7-12. Also Games for Math Whizzes and More Math Resources for Teachers.

Math Competitions
A little competition can inspire math students to greater achievement. These sites include more than a dozen math competitions or contests, one of which might be the one to motivate your K-12 students.

Math Homework Help
If your students bring in math homework riddled with errors and misconceptions, consider encouraging them to check out one of these sites, offering formulas, tutorials, practice problems, and expert advice.

Math Sites for Kids
Do your students complain that math is "boring" or "too hard?" Change their minds with the activities at these interactive math sites, where math isnt so much a "subject" as a fascinating field for exploration.

Math Sites for PreK-2
Are you having trouble finding ad-free Web sites for your PreK-2 math students? Are you looking for different ways to teach basic math concepts? Check out these sites for preK-2 students -- and their teachers.

Methods and Strategies
Sites on methods and strategies provide educators with ideas and resources to sharpen their teaching skills and add oomph to their lessons. Included: Two-dozen great sites for updating your methods and strategies.

Middle Ages
Are you planning a Medieval Fair -- or just covering a unit about the Middle Ages in your history text book? Add fun and learning to your lessons with these resources for teaching about the Middle Ages.

Middle-School Math
Studies show that many students become turned off by math when they reach middle school. It is particularly important that teachers at this level engage students in math instruction and involve them in their own learning.

Nearly three dozen music sites offer kids information about composers, conductors, and musical instruments, while providing them with opportunities to see, hear, play, and compose their own music.

Native Americans
When Pilgrims arrived in the New World, Native American groups were spread across the continent, each with their own name, language, beliefs, and way of life. Explore the varied American Indian histories and cultures.

New Teachers
These Web sites provide all the tips and tools you need to find classroom lessons, explore better ways of integrating technology, keep current on education issues, and exchange problems and solutions with colleagues.

NYC Subway Centennial
These Web sites, containing interactive activities, lessons plans, historical information, photographs, and more, will help students discover what a difference a train makes.

Every day, it seems, scientists discover new information about how food affects the human body. Help keep kids up-to-date on nutritional information with visits to some of the best nutrition sites on the Web.

Online Collaborative Projects
Online collaborative projects offer teachers and students the opportunity to work with their peers around the world. These resources cover the "how-tos" of project participation and showcase some of the best projects.

Online Games
Who says education can't be fun? Education World reviews some great K-12 games, suggest a first stop for educational games arranged by grade level, and half a dozen sites for more specialized uses.

Online Reference Materials
Web sites that contain online reference materials help organize the wealth of information available on the Internet; creating searchable databases that make finding what you're looking for a simple task.

Online Resources
This list includes ten sites that contain unique resources we think many educators would like to know about; online resources guaranteed to save you time and effort as you integrate technology into the curriculum.

Online Tests
For testing on facts and figures, online quiz sites are a great alternative to pen and paper tests. Whether you use them for review, refreshing, or actual assessment, these tools are free and easy-to-use. Check them out yourself.

Online Tools
Get more out of each day by taking advantage of the variety of teaching tools available on the Web. Find help with administrative tasks, lesson planning, curriculum materials, parent communication, and more.

Online Treasures
Web-based resources don't always get the attention they deserve. These sites represent a dozen of the most valuable -- or most interesting -- online treasures we've unearthed in the past few months.

Parent Conferences
These ten sites, filled with advice, tips, and practical resources, can help ensure that your parent-teacher conferences are a pleasant and positive collaborative experience for all.

Parent Involvement
The sites highlighted here offer articles, information, research, action initiatives, and more for parents and teachers, as well as ideas about how educators can increase parent involvement in schools.

Photo Editing Software
Now that you've got a digital camera, what's next? Check out these free tools for editing and organizing photos, including links to photo editing, organizing, and publishing tools for PC, Mac, and Linux users.

Knowing just what you need to podcast and how to create a podcast can be challenging. So, we compiled some of the Web's greatest resources to help get you started.

In addition to the simple sensory pleasure of listening to the rhythm, poetry sparks students' imagination and appeals to their emotions. Help students discover the magic of poetry with these online resources.

Political Science
The sites provide information about past and current elections, public policy, international relations, and current affairs, as well as photographs, historically important papers, and audio/video clips.

Does style seem to have replaced content in your students' PowerPoint presentations? Check out these Web sites filled with tip, tricks, and warnings about the use and abuse of PowerPoint in the classroom.  

Preschool/Primary Games
Keep these interactive games in mind when you're looking for a learning center activity, a review or practice activity -- or just a fun activity for yet another indoor recess.

Whether you're interested in learning more about the office of the presidency or the life of a specific president, these sites offer a variety of resources about the men who have held the highest office in the land.

Presidential Election 2008
These non-partisan, age-appropriate sites -- including games, interactive tools, and a chance for students to participate by recording their votes -- will help motivate students to get involved in the democratic process.

Reading sites offer such resources as book reviews, author information, online books, and strategies for teachers that can both supplement the reading curriculum and help parents help their children at home.

Real World Math
This short list of math sites offers access to an extensive array of standards-based curriculum materials, lesson plans, worksheets, and interactive activities for supplementing the curriculum or the fun.

These sites provide safety information and activities for kids, parents, and teachers on topics ranging from online safety to natural disasters and accidental injury.

The Web offers thousands of science sites on every imaginable scientific subject. Whether you're a science teacher or a science enthusiast, you'll want to check out these online science treasures.

If you're looking for ways to incorporate classical drama into your spring classroom and remember "the Bard" on his birthday, these sites are among the best on for integrating Shakespeare into the curriculum.

Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is the use of keywords to organize and share favorite Web sites. Education World has selected the best social bookmarking sites, as well as resources that provide tips on its use, so take a look!

These sites offer articles, downloads, publishers' specials, and product news, reviews, and ratings to help make easier the job of selecting just the right software.

Solar Eclipse
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is between Earth and the sun, hiding part or all of the sun's light from viewers on Earth. Use these resources to help students understand that astronomical event.

Space Science
Space Science sites offer lesson plans, interactive activities, the latest news on space exploration and research, updates on current missions, and spectacular photos and videos for teaching and learning about space.

Special Education
Whether you teach in a special-education program or a "regular" classroom, these sites provide information about specific disabilities and activities for classroom use.

Sports and Fitness
These resources, appropriate for physical education teachers, students, and health-conscious adults, offer lesson plans, fitness information, tips about playing sports safely, and answers to questions about health.

Support Staff
Information and resources for skill development, as well as links to professional publications and organizations, for paraprofessionals, school nurses, bus drivers, custodians, food service workers, and more.

Teacher Sites
General teacher sites offer educators everything from lesson plans and curricular materials to professional development opportunities to help with specific classroom needs. A dozen sites chock full of resources.

Technology Integration
Discover more than a dozen Web sites that offer educators knowledgeable and useful ideas, suggestions, lesson plans, activities, and resources for successfully integrating technology into the curriculum.

Whether you're looking for Thanksgiving games, crafts, coloring pages, recipes, or even creative lesson plan ideas, one of these sites is sure to have what you need.

The 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia renewed interest in that relatively rare natural disaster. Learn the science behind tsunamis at these sites for middle- and high-school students.

The Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad was a secret network that helped slaves in the United States escape to free states and Canada during the 19th century. Use these sites to explore the "railroad" with your students.

Virtual Museums
Who says your class can't go to the museum this year? Many "bricks and mortar" museums now offer virtual alternatives, with activities designed just for kids. Not-to-be-missed virtual field trips!

Find out how to locate Webcams in almost any country in the world, learn how to use Webcams in your classroom, and discover tips and cautions for teaching and learning with this technology.

The inquiry-based WebQuest format encourages students to utilize higher level thinking skills as they complete assignments using information gleaned from the Web. Ckeck out some of the best.

A wiki is a collaborative software program that allows users to add or edit content on a Web page. Learn more about this mysteriously named tool and how to use it appropriately in your class.

Women's Suffrage
What happened between the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention and the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920? Find out at this collection of sites.

World History
These sites offer a wealth of resources for teaching and learning about world history, including primary documents, lesson plans, multimedia exhibits, Webcasts, teaching strategies, and more.

World Wars
These sites -- among the best on the Web for teaching about World Wars I and II -- include photographs, maps, video, timelines, articles, primary sources, virtual reality activities, and more.

Resources and information for students and teachers on teaching and learning the writing process. Users will find examples of good writing, and information on writing poetry, research papers, and essays.

Writing Tools Online
Watch student writing come alive with free online writing tools for students in grades 7-12 or K-12 teachers. Publish student writing online, participate in collaborative writing, or develop interactive fiction.

A dozen zoology resources, including photographs, video clips, multimedia activities, essays, lesson plans, games, quizzes, and puzzles, will enhance your students' study of animals.

While it's great to go to a real zoo, for many classes that may not be feasible. Check out this list and discover the cool tools on the Web for teaching and learning about zoos.