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Real World Math

This short list of math sites offers students and teachers access to an extensive array of standards-based curriculum materials, lesson plans, worksheets, and interactive activities for supplementing the curriculum or the fun.

Are you a math teacher desperate to overcome students' math boredom, math phobia, or just plain "What do I need to learn this for?" math attitude? Why not introduce them to real math with a visit to some of the coolest math sites on the Internet. The sites include animations, graphic examples of math concepts, and interactive activities, as well as a wealth of lesson plans and curriculum materials for teachers. Soon, your students will be having so much math fun, they might not even realize they're in math class.

Apply Lessons: Applications of Mathematics
This site, developed by the Ministry of Education of the Government of British Columbia, helps students see the value of the math they learn in school by linking lessons to specific occupations that require the skills students are learning.

NCTM Illuminations
Each grade level section of this site from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics includes lesson plans, video vignettes of teaching and learning, interactive lessons for students, and an interactive version of NCTM math standards. Be sure to click the What's New link to check out the latest additions to the site.

AAA Math
This highly interactive site offers hundreds of pages of basic math lessons, activities, games, randomly created math problems, and more. The site's resources can be accessed by clicking a grade level (K-8) or by choosing one of 20 topics (from addition to statistics). The timed practice and challenge games are a fun way to increase students' speed, accuracy, and confidence.

A+ Math
This interactive math site for kids includes flashcards, math problems, and games to help increase math knowledge and skill. Students can check their homework with the Homework Helper, while teachers can create and print their own flashcards or create worksheets using the PDF Worksheet Generator.

Cool Math
Cool Math is just that -- the coolest math activities you'll find anywhere for kids 13 and older. Here they'll find lessons on geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and algebra, an interactive area with puzzles and number games, calculators that figure everything from distance between airports to age in dog years, and a nifty online graphing calculator.


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