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Technology Planning

Teaching and Learning About Technology
Find out what techies do during the summer -- and learn how you can use your vacation time to improve your computer skills and build your tech confidence. Included: More than two-dozen links to conferences, courses, workshops, online training, and more for both techies and classroom teachers.

Tech Tips for Tots
How and when should toddlers use technology? Learn what early childhood experts say is appropriate technology use for children ages 2-4, and discover six ways to use technology wisely with young children.

Susan Patrick on the National Educational Technology Plan
Recently, Susan Patrick, director of the DOE's Office of Educational Technology, talked with Education World about the vision of the National Educational Technology Plan -- and responded to its critics. Included: Share your opinion about the report.

NETP Offers Action Steps for Success?
On Friday, January 7, 2005, the U.S. Department of Education unveiled the National Education Technology Plan. Find out how NCLB started the ball rolling, why today's students are different, and what the DOE says educators must do to meet the needs of today's students. Included: Exclusive comments from National Educational Technology Director Susan Patrick.

One-To-One Computing: Lessons Learned and Pitfalls to Avoid
Just because a technology is available for students doesn't mean it has to be used all the time. Find out what the research says about the benefits of one-to-one computing, and read about educator concerns about the overuse of technology.

Traveling the Techno Trail: Training Teachers to Use Technology
Computer resource specialist Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach believes that her most important responsibility is to empower teachers to use technology to educate young minds. Find out how she does it -- and learn how you can do it too! --01/29/2003

Technology Planning: Closing the Communications Gap
Technology is often underutilized in its role of helping educators track accountability and assess student progress. Technology planning expert Dixie Conner explains how effective technology planning by teachers and technology leaders can result in the more effective use of technology in all areas of education. --12/04/2002

Keep Your Computer Healthy
As winter flu season approaches, many of us head to doctors offices to be inoculated against the insidious viruses that threaten our physical health. How many of us, however, remember to visit a tech specialist to inoculate our computers against the insidious pests that threaten to infect them year round. Too busy for an office visit? Education World makes house calls! --11/13/2002

Technology Integration Made Easy
Nineteen activities and nearly 50 Web sites to help you integrate technology into your daily routines. --10/16/2002

Technology in the Classroom: Games or Learning Tools?
Each week, an educator takes a stand or shares an Aha! moment in the classroom in Education World's Voice of Experience column. This week, educator Kathleen Housley bristles at those who see computers in the classroom as nothing more than game consoles. Housley reflects on what her fourth graders accomplished last year with the computers in her classroom. "Game consoles? Baloney!" Housley concludes. --9/14/2001

Riley Announces New National Educational Technology Plan
U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley released the nation's first educational technology plan in 1996. Last week, he announced a new plan showing "where progress has been made, where new opportunities exist, and where challenges remain." Included: News of five new national goals and a link to the plan. --12/20/2000

Three Keys to Technology Excellence
Most teachers, school administrators, students, and parents know that computer literacy is vital to success in the 21st century, but what's the best way to develop technological effectiveness in our schools? To find out, Education World asked educators whose districts' technology programs were cited by the U.S. Department of Education to tell us their secrets. --06/12/2000

Turn Your Technology Channel Into a Profit Center!
Are you tired of struggling with to fund a state-of-the-art computer center in your school? Technology expert Jeanne Snyder shares suggestions for creating a computer center that makes a profit for your school! --05/22/2000

The School of the Future
Most educators and observers agree that the future school will go electronic with a capital E! --01/12/1998

Incorporating Technology Into Classroom Curriculum
Does Technology Scare You? You're not alone. Millions of people have never sat at a computer much less surfed the Internet. But while some people may be able to avoid the use of technology in their daily lives, for educators, it's unavoidable. --07/11/1997