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Social Sciences Subject Center is your one-stop shop for free social studies teaching materials. Be sure to check out the sidebar on this page for links to social studies and history lesson plans, printable work sheets, and other tools and resources. Click links below to read articles of practical interest to social sciences and history educators across the grades.

A Token Economy and Fifth Grade Financiers
Students in Beth Moore's classroom know what to expect if they break class rules -- a big, fat fine! That's business as usual in a classroom where everyone receives a salary, maintains a checkbook, and designs and sells goods in the class store.

Student Mentors Encourage Wise Choices
A mentoring program brings middle schoolers into primary classrooms to teach lessons about manners, bullying, and more. The primary students are putting the lessons to good use. The older students confidence has grown and they take academics more seriously.

Recycling Activities Turn Trash Into Treasure
In one Indiana art class, students create glamorous ensembles from recycled rubbish and strut their stuff on the runway. A Spanish club in Missouri makes money and serves a need in the community by operating its own recycling center.

Planner Nights for Parents Give Students a Jump on Projects
Teachers were concerned about students effort on projects, so the schools Title I teacher planned a Project Planner Night. Parents appreciated this chance to gather project materials, clarify instructions, see sample A and C projects from previous years, and more.

Teachers Can Help With the U.S. Census
The U.S. Census provides the federal government with key data that affects local communities, and the Census Bureau wants educators to spread the word about the 2010 head count through lesson plans and teaching materials it has prepared for teachers.

Cultural Experience Night
Students and families gathered at one Illinois elementary school to enjoy entertainment and cuisine from places like Africa, Ireland, the Philippines, and more. The goal of this event is to improve students relationships and interactions with each other.

Using Old Newspapers to Teach History
Few people think of todays newspapers as tomorrows history books. But two history teachers have compiled reproductions of newspapers front pages to help students get a snapshot of events as they were reported.

The Candidates Plans for Education
Education World presents presidential candidate positions on No Child Left Behind, lowering the high school drop-out rate, ensuring teacher quality and links to education platforms.

Coping With Parent (Over) Involvement
“I’m hearing from teachers that it’s as if the kids come to school with home strapped to their backs -- or, perhaps more accurately, strapped to their ankles like house arrest bands. These parents from the 1970s have been referred to as ‘helicopter parents.’”

Top Teacher Ties History to Current Events
By tying the lessons of history to the issues of the day, Deirdra Grode, a seventh-and eighth-grade social studies and language arts teacher at Hoboken Charter School in Hoboken, New Jersey, is teaching her students to be analytical and socially aware.