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Education World's
Foreign Languages Subject Center
is your one-stop shop for free foreign language teaching materials. Click links below to read articles and lessons of practical interest to foreign language educators across the grades.

Nouns Around the World
Use online translators to explore nouns and foreign languages. (Grades 3-8) 06/24/2010

20 Questions: Can You Stump the Machine?
Students build critical thinking skills as they attempt to stump a "20 Questions" machine. (Grades K-12)

Four Days in Paris
In this foreign language or social studies lesson for grades 4-6, students research a travel destination, set up a four-day itinerary, and then use iWork's Pages program to create an illustrated travel journal detailing their "experiences."

What's New? Translating Foreign Newspapers With Word
Engage students while practicing translation skills. This activity helps foreign language students decode newspaper articles from around the world using Microsoft Word's Text-to-Table tool.

Latin Makes a Comeback
In danger of disappearing just a few years ago, Latin is now making a comeback in American classrooms. Read what both teachers and students have to say about the benefits of studying this ancient language. Included: More than a dozen great links to more information.

Web Wizard: Fun with French
Catherine Murphy's Web site offers practical help for French teachers and students.

The Bilingual Education Debate
Thirty years after its introduction, bilingual education is still generating controversy.

ESL Lessons on the Web
Provide adult ESL students with authentic language activities!

ESL Lessons on the Web
In the last 100 years, the number of foreign-born U.S. residents has grown to about 30 million people -- resulting in a corresponding growth in demand for schools to provide effective ESL and EFL programs at all levels of instruction. This week, Education World offers a guide to some of the best online lessons for ESL/EFL students in middle school, high school, and above.