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These @Home learning activities provide teachers with simple and effective tools for involving parents in their children’s education. They provide families with opportunities to spend time together -- learning with, from, and about one another.


In a Million Words or Fewer
Getting to know one another.

Setting Goals
Set goals for the coming year, and find out what you need to do to achieve them.

Catch the Phrase
Share thoughts about a book you have read.

Make a Time Capsule
Collect and save items that hold special family memories.

How Long Is the Line?
Run an errand to learn about estimation.

Going Back to School Can Be Expensive!
How much does it cost to get one child ready for a new school year?

Across the United States
I'm thinking of a place in the United States

Grocery Store Math
Shopping for dinner.

Family Timeline
Learn about the history of your family.

Families are Funny
Draw a family comic strip.

Family Travels
Write about a favorite family trip.

Family Calendar
Remember your family's special days.

Cooking Up History
Make Native American fry bread.

Flags of the World
Design a family flag.

Tell a Story
Tell a story with pictures.

Family Collage
Display your family in a collage.

Gelatin Fun
Learn about friction.

Cereal Science
Learn what's in the cereal you eat.

The Probability of Color
What color are your M&M's?

Walking Earth's Solar System
Make a scale model of Earth's solar system

Follow Directions!
Don't leave anything out!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
What letter does petunia start with?

Budget It!
Plan how to spend your money.

Number Search
Can you find the number?

Our Town
Learn the history of your city or town.

Let It Rain!
Make a rain gauge.

Carrot Tops
What does a plant need to grow?

Around the World
I'm thinking of a place somewhere in the world

My Hero
Learn about the qualities of heroes.

Fairy Tale Facts
Read me a fairy tale.

Secret Message
What happens when you heat oxygen and lemon juice?

Number Tic-Tac-Toe
Play an addition game.

Stained Glass Magic
Make stained-glass window art.

Home Poem
Read and write a funny poem.

Which Park Is It?
We're off to see a national park.

We're Off!
How will we get where we're going?