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Save We Must: Tips for Building Financial Security
Have the stock market roller coaster and plunging home prices got you queasy? Former teachers-turned financial planners discuss how they help people weather financial turbulence, set goals, and accumulate savings for retirement, education, or other goals.

Tips for Buying Safe, Appropriate Toys
Toy recalls and warnings have many consumers on edge this holiday season. Education World talked with toy safety experts, who provided advice and resources to make shopping less stressful. Also, read about this season’s hottest gifts and some sure-to-please teacher gifts.

Buying a Car Without Driving Yourself Crazy
Would you rather volunteer for a skunk round-up than go car-shopping? Many people are intimidated by the choices in the market and by haggling over price. Education World has collected expert advice to make buying a car less stressful, and maybe even a little fun.

Technology Trends Inching Toward Schools
Schools may be the last place where kids rely on the same old technologies their parents did -- paper and pencils. The rest of their lives are driven and shaped by technology. Educators and parents still need to steer kids toward safe and responsible technology use.

Quick and Healthy: Food for the Fast Lane
Are you stuck on the fast food and take-out meal treadmill, but don’t know how to break the cycle? Take a breath. You can serve healthful meals without a lot of stress. Food experts offer tips for shopping, preparing, and eating more healthful meals.

Winter Means Warm, Cold Vacations
By February, many people either are tired of winter or want to make the most of it. New travel regulations have made cruises even more popular this winter, but still there are plenty of opportunities for snow-centered trips.

Hot for Winter: Holiday Shopping
The last turkey drumstick has been stripped bare, and there’s no denying it -- the holiday shopping season is here. Education World offers tips for shopping for friends, family, educators, and selecting a good movie after everything is boxed and wrapped.

Working Wellness Into the Teaching Life
Finding time to exercise and eat non-fast food can be a struggle, but eating right and staying active are the best ways to improve and maintain overall health, as well as reduce stress.

Dressing Well for School Without Going Broke
Everyone has seen models parading on runways in four-figure slinky dresses and stiletto heels. That look may be hot in Los Angeles, but it would be downright dangerous for kindergarten teachers. Here are some suggestions for dressing stylishly and practically without taking out a second mortgage.

Teachers: It's Not Too Late to Book Summer Trips!
Is summer sneaking up on you and your calendar still empty for June, July, and August? Fear not. Travel experts said there still is time to book those summer trips, and bargains are out there.