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Buying a Car Without Driving Yourself Crazy


Unless you are a car enthusiast who buys vintage cars for their looks, value, or how they round out your collection, car-shopping is probably tied with chewing glass on your list of favorite activities.

The searching and the price-haggling -- not to mention the expense and arranging the financing -- can be so unappealing that car buying drops below that long-delayed root canal on the to-do list.

But for those willing to do the research and homework -- and who is better at that than teachers -- there now are extensive, easily-accessible, and user-friendly resources for buying a car that make the experience faster, less stressful, and dare we say, maybe a little enjoyable.

"Informed consumers are more satisfied with the car-buying process," noted Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor for                                            


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Start With Homework
Decide what you need, and then start researching cars that fit your needs and budget.

What's Hot?
Smaller, more environmentally-friendly cars are increasingly popular. Certified pre-owned cars also are drawing more buyers.

What Teachers Are Buying -- And Ways to Pay
More teachers are opting for new cars, and many turn to credit unions for financing.

Gender Gaps
Men and women have different priorities for cars -- go figure -- and women now buy the majority of new cars in the U.S.

More Car-Buying Resources
Here's some information to help in buying and financing a car.

Article by Ellen R. Delisio
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