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Nancy Willard

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Cyber Savvy:
Supporting Safe and
Responsible Internet Use

A Web 2.0 Approach to Internet Safety
Student use of Web 2.0 technologies is expanding, along with incredible opportunities for interactive educational activities -- and a host of risk and management concerns. All schools must develop effective strategies to address the issue of online safety.

Prevention and Intervention
It is necessary to consider the ability, authority, and responsibility of school officials when it comes to prevention of, and intervention in, cyberbullying in each of the locations where school related cyberbullying occurs.

Sex and the Internet
Some significant misperceptions about online sexual predators must be addressed so we can get to the point of providing accurate guidance to address the real concerns, says cyber safety expert Nancy Willard as she busts the myths and advises the vulnerable.

Malware and Porn Traps: What Schools Can Do
In January 2007, substitute teacher Julie Amero was convicted of impairing the morals of minors for allegedly showing students online pornography. According to Nancy Willard, the same thing could happen to you. Learn how to prevent it.

Whats Not Working
Before we can focus on effective strategies to address the issues involved in youth safety online, its important to reflect on the strategies that simply are not working.

Schools, the Internet, and Copyright Law
Nancy Willard discusses the kinds of educational activities that risk copyright infringement and provides strategies for minimizing that risk.

Why Teens Make Unsafe Choices
Nancy Willard explores some of the factors that are implicated in online decision making, which includes those factors that influence real-world decision making -- and a cyber-twist.

Youth Risk Online: Foundational Concerns
Nancy Willard addresses some foundational concerns that cut across many online risks.

Youth Risk Online: An Overview
In the first of a series of columns addressing youth risk online, cyber safety expert Nancy Willard provides an overview of the various aspects of that risk -- from plagiarism to poker to pornography.