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Our students need to be prepared for the many ways their online world can be exploited and how quickly clickbait can lead to a very real misinformed populace.
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Tactile foam letters are the perfect way to practice letter recognition and letter sounds as well as making words for centers, guided reading, and...
With the explosion of the video game Fortnite, a high-intensity sniper video game, parents are finding it harder than ever to "get the kids off the...
The importance of teaching social and emotional learning is now clear.
As the new school year moves into gear, one familiar mantra should be self-evident, but is easily put aside: you must build relationships with your...
Educators are increasingly embracing the notion that children are not wired the same, but this difference, or ‘neurodiversity’ is not necessarily...
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What accommodations will you make for students identified as gifted and have an EP (educational plan)?
Check your reluctance to deal with difficult students at the door and you'll see positive developments for sure!
If there’s one thing the Internet likes to do, it’s criticize.  “Memes” are the medium du jour, and our modern education system by no means...
Learn about the latest innovations in assistive technology and how to find the right tools for students with varying special needs.
Teachers don't sleep enough. Education World explains why, and what you can do about it.
Well, we’ve made it to spring. And you might be noticing some changes within the student body: it’s senioritis season.
Grade 4-8 students learn about the amazing abilities of bees and appreciate ways in which these unique insects help humans.
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In Florida, passing teacher certification exams—or more accurately, not passing-has become somewhat of a crisis.
Education World offers ideas for unique, inexpensive, easy-to-make Mother's Day gifts.