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Starring Chris Wirszyla
Kids join in the fun of Frisbee® -- a sport anyone can play for a lifetime.

Starring Kathy Brott
Second graders’ calendar routine boosts math and language arts.

Starring Sue Bailey
Eighth grade animators show Newton's laws at work through Apple's Keynote software.

Starring Kevin McDaniels
Wii improves coordination and social skills in students with special needs.

Starring Marilu Bicknell
Local heroes show boys that "Real Men Read."

Starring Diana Solis
A little competition motivates beginning readers.

Starring Nancy Beebe
Fifth graders enhance their oral reading and fluency skills through podcasts.

Starring Lynn Endres
French classes design original video games
to practice skills.

Starring Warren Phillips
Gifted and talented students learn while helping others.

Starring Karen Dux
Sixth graders share all the news that's fit to "cast."

Starring Sandy Hopkins
Students play and dance with electronic game systems.

Starring Angie Malley
Kindergartners mark the 70th day of school with a 1970s celebration.

Starring Constantine Christopulos
Second graders petition for fewer green beans.

Starring Nancy Karpyk
In one kindergarten classroom, scientific discovery rules.

Starring Chris Craft
Sixth graders use video productions to teach Spanish vocabulary.

Starring Fonnie Godwin
Eighth graders become teachers for a day.

Starring Rebecca Lucas
Students share lessons from Gulf Coast wetlands.

Starring Kim Reber
Special-needs students make change and friends in the Patriot Store!

Starring "Knights Templar"
New Jersey students pursue an historical adventure!

Starring Vicky Moore
Vicky Moores second graders solve clues to identify visiting readers.

Starring Sean Krieg
Eighth graders use their energy to conserve energy.

Starring Andrea LoCastro
Sixth graders prove they're not too young for Shakespeare.

Starring Tom Baughman
Fourth graders find mathematical inspiration in NASCAR racing.

Starring Becky Morlan
Kindergartners groove to sight word songs.

Starring Beth Sommers
Fifth graders mark Halloween with a tombstone tribute to famous explorers.

Starring Harold Olejarz
Sixth graders illustrate poems through digital video productions.

Starring Marianne Williams
Third graders celebrated birthdays with a sing and cha-ching!

Starring Chris Quist
Fifth graders play "Deal or No Deal" for Friday assignments.

Starring Bryan Nielsen
Technology students go global with homemade videos.

Starring Luajean Bryan
Students fly high with calculus projects.

Starring Randy Lyon:
Fifth grade class gets a taste of real-life wages, expenses.

Starring Freyja Bergthorson:
Eighth graders get acquainted on day one.

Starring Beth Sommers:
Fifth graders create life-size models of their heroes.

Starring Beth Newingham:
In a third grade classroom, creativity and cameras are rolling!

Starring Tina Dunn:
Fourth graders gather bits and pieces about their state!

Starring Liese Ricketts:
Photography students share images and insights through podcasts.

Starring Matt Bowling
Students tackle their math curriculum through creative "quests!"

Starring Neil Sandham:
Students use edible experiments and more to learn and remember science concepts.

Starring Amanda Madden:
Second graders experience crime scene investigation!

Starring Leann Schwartz:
Second graders take educational snack breaks!

Starring Jamie Boston:
Librarian and students share ideas in an online book club.

Starring Felicia Arnold:
Making friends with history.

Starring Elizabeth Cook:
Brain breaks let learning sink in.

Starring Mitzi LaPaugh:
Students learn computer skills -- and the real cost of living.

Starring Karen Onyx:
Students set their own rules as citizens of the "house."

Starring Becky Potter:
A simple display motivates students to do their best!

Starring Lisa DeBord:
"Passport to Literacy," a literature-based event for families, sets students on the path to reading success.

Starring Dwayne Kohn:
Mr. Kindergarten's daily e-mail newsletter keeps parents informed and involved!

Starring Heather Renz:
Students step up to the challenge with Mastery Club.

Starring Steven Elwood:
Students and parents watch experiments online.

Starring Janet Wolff:
Students oom-pa-pa their way to an understanding of their towns history.

Starring Terry Decker:
Fourth graders reinforce basic skills every morning!

Starring Rayna Freedman:
Student "agents" solve a story-based mystery.

Starring Marty Mentzer:
Fourth and fifth graders perform well on and off the court!

Starring Deborah Nasir:
A teacher stamps her way to a simple process for evaluating homework!

Starring Halyna Sakowsky-McEvoy
Students use calendars to keep deadlines in sight.

Starring Alicia Harman
Letter-writing lesson opens lines of communication.

Starring Brooke Ross
Students earn classroom cash for good behavior!

Starring Michele McCall
Display encourages second graders to find peers' positives.

Starring Kathy Gaji
A quick meeting ensures that students are ready for the day.

Starring Lynda O'Brien
Timeline display tracks a year of learning.

Starring Donna Sacco
Parents and kids blossom in family writing class!

Starring Laura Hill
Students work all week to earn light-hearted lessons on Friday!

Starring Donna Kielty
Project features family histories and cultures.

Starring Eric Langhorst
Students learn and review history via podcasts!

Starring Kimberly Nelson
A warm welcome to a new school year.

Starring Kimberly Wagner
Students learn by teaching about Alexander the Great.

Starring Laurie Capponi
Students remember the past as they move toward the future.

Starring Mickey Garrison
Math immersion connects concepts across the curriculum.

Starring Kayla Brown
Program helps families overcome hunger.

Starring Jerry Taylor
Teacher uses his technology experience to help seniors.

Starring Sonny Bechler
Students "pitch in" rather than pitch out classroom supplies!

Starring Marcial Rubio
Student workers build homes from the ground up!

Starring Mary Seitz
Students receive rewards for on-time work, good manners, and more!

Starring Vonda Reed
High schoolers earn prizes at random from the "feely box"!

Starring Lori Wilkey
Middle schoolers enhance skills with word play!

Starring Cindy Merrill
Putting pizzazz into second graders' special days!

Starring Cheryl Potocki
Students find practical uses for math skills on the farm.

Starring Rayna Freedman
Third grade secret agents learn through investigation!

Starring Kerrie Dallman
Students experience hardships of homelessness firsthand.

Starring Karen Ryder
High school students tackle real issues for local communities.

Starring Stephanie McGhee
Special-ed students celebrate -- and learn -- with a parade.

Starring Ashley Ross
First graders design traps for elusive leprechauns!

Starring Jane Katch
Students can be "superheroes" as long as they're considerate!

Starring Charles Lindgren
Students make monthly observations of the sun.

Starring Jerry Mangus
Students use computers, not texts, to learn math!

Starring Eric Harrington
Students use science lessons to create "real" dolls.

Starring Kathy Lineberger
Math skills grow in the garden!

Starring Joe Underwood
Students gain "real experience through real careers" in film.

Starring Nikki Salvatico
Helping first graders overcome disabilities.

Starring Nora Redfern
Students honor Martin Luther King Jr. with signature art.

Starring Pete Karpyk
Chemistry teaching has the right elements.

Starring Hillary Meeler
Students blog their way to better writing skills.

Starring Julie Woletz
High school students write letters from Santa.

Starring Lori Miller
"Alien" teacher plants new ideas.

Starring Christine Esposito
Students buy into their lessons "hook," line, and sinker!

Starring Linda Walker
Providence Day becomes a "school" of FISH.

Starring Gene Solomon and Tracy Goodman
Eighth graders become Ellis Island immigrants.

Starring Cossondra George
Students build dream homes on a football field.

Starring Trisha Fogarty
Students create goals to live by.

Starring Eric Baylin
Photo display underscores growth and development.

Starring Kimberly Rust
Teaching kids the pitfalls of credit cards.

Starring Bill Betzen
Achievement archive builds a stronger future.

Starring Tena Linsbeck-Perron
Students portray a host of historical characters.

Starring Carol Haring
Carol Haring's students create holiday cards, surprise, and joy.

Starring Duane Habecker
Students practice math online.

Starring Steven Tanguay
Cultivating produce, broad minds, and green thumbs.

Starring Carole McCurry
Students bring "bits" of the alphabet home.

Starring Joe Cerwinsky
Third graders celebrate the Middle Ages with a festival.

Starring Kelvin Chun
Bringing "mathemagic" to students in Hawaii.

Starring Maile Peachey
Students learn that history happens in their own backyard.

Starring Michele Nash
Students capture their moms through art.

Starring Geeti Ghose and Joanne Lindevald
Celebrations help students with special needs understand multicultural customs and traditions.

Starring Amelia Villanueva
Turn content reviews into challenging games with Game Show Presenter.

Starring Angela Powell
With "The World's Easiest Token System," virtue is its own reward.

Starring Regina Stewart
A kindergarten focuses on early childhood themes.

Starring Denise Sockoloskie/Claire Lohr
Student teachers' song helps students remember the steps of long division.

Starring Judy Swartz
Incentives encourage students to "be there" on test day.

Starring Robert Curry
April Fools' Day Web page offers lighthearted "news."

Starring Tracie Pohlmeyer
Students make big discoveries with little bottles.

Starring Carol Gibson
Review strategy gives students the go-ahead in math assignments.

Starring Jay Edwards
Freeware turns a computer into a personal school bell system.

Starring Nancy Garland
Students stay focused, on task with SLANT.

Starring Mona Grayson
"Sink" a conversation heart.

Starring Penny Lowe
Fifth graders chronicle their year.

Starring Cathy McDermott
Students sing their way to mathematical know-how.

Starring Melissa Goodwin
WOW! sets the stage for successful group work.

Starring Jeff Hart
"Two cents worth" technique enhances student discussions.

Starring Mellanay Auman
Student secretaries keep classes running smoothly.

Starring Becky Miller
High schoolers celebrate Mole Day in the elementary.

Starring Kay Lanceley
High schoolers bring Christmas to kids in need.

Starring Susan Bertrang
Reading to kindergartners offers students friendship and fluency.

Starring Joe Robinson
Future scientists make it big on screen.

Starring Dan Bell
Students film a quest for a prom date.

Starring Vallye Blanton
Thanksgiving activities improve attendance and performance.

Starring Jan McManus
Students share their writing "coffee house" style.

Starring Jane York
Use newspapers to teach and review vocabulary.

Starring Linda Prather
Students visit a "ghostly" museum.

Starring Nancy Golubic
Mock election lays groundwork to "rock the vote."

Starring Lisa Corey
Students take part in National Novel Writing Month.

Starring Jim DeLong
The "Anne Frank Wall" celebrates the written word.

Starring Ginny Passetto
"Geosaurs" project combines geometry, geography, arts, language arts, and science.

Starring Doug Buehl
Line-up review promotes careful listening, coordinated movement, active learning.

Starring Scott Mooney
Web domain a "must" for students.

Starring Meg Greiner
Daily TEAM Time keeps students active and alert.

Starring Vince Marsala
High school Web site becomes an essential classroom tool.

Starring Harriett Ball
"Fearless Learning" breeds success for at-risk students.

Starring Dotti Etzler
Teamwork increases percentage of work turned in from 28 to 61 percent.

Starring Mark Rougeux
Middle schoolers reveal their personalities through profile posters.

Starring Kelly Young
Math teacher gives credit where credit is due.

Starring Jerome Hammes
An after-school tutoring program becomes a midday success.

Starring Donna Kelley
Students share their accomplishments with "brag calls."

Starring Christine Kitzmiller
Students make mural magic.

Starring Randy Wright
Students lobby for the "Liberty Bill."

Starring Sue Bailey
Virtual travelers use tools of technology.

Starring Brenda Rutland
Students become library scavengers.

Starring Jon Renner
OutlawNet brings technology to the outpost of Sisters, Oregon.

Starring Laura Nardi
Third graders get the "write" idea!

Starring Tom Hrbacek
Still making beautiful music after 37 years.

Starring Marilyn Mossman
Technology-based projects enrich the curriculum.

Starring Andria Batcheller
Fourth graders go "on assignment" to cover Special Olympics.

Starring Betty Reeves
Super-charge musical study with technology.

Starring Susan Schweiker
A+ ideas for creative writing.

Starring Kerry McDonald
Sixth graders explore classic literature with their parents.

Starring Margaret Holtschlag
Students get the big picture in a BIG Lesson.

Starring Victor Vzquez
Special Friday activities address multiple intelligences, add just plain fun.

Starring George Musser
More than 600 elementary "athletes" run the state capitals.

Starring Marcia Baldanza
Elementary students game their way to greater understanding.

Starring Michelle Gay
Young photographers use pictures as an inspiration for writing.

Starring Erin Farley
Grammar Slammer scores with students.

Starring Alison Murphy
Sixth graders cook up "Chicken Soup for the Holiday Soul."

Starring David Anderson
Students exchange "handprints across the world."

Starring Perry Thomas Lopez
Students take "building" knowledge literally.

Starring Nicole Nelson
Kindergartners use technology to express appreciation at Thanksgiving.

Starring Karen Fleming
Students "get a life" and learn to make ends meet.

Starring Gwynne Isaacs
Students "see the light."

Starring Jacen Lefholtz
Parents of kindergartners are invited to join the Safari Club.

Starring Elaine Kaskela
Students get creative with activities inside the box.

Starring Kay Jackson
Teaching literary concepts is a "Cinderella story."

Starring Kátia Pereira
Classroom pictures are worth a few English words.

Starring Kathleen Eveleigh
Her daily update gives parents something to talk about.

Starring Vera Lopes
Digital photography attracts tiny tots to opposites.

Starring Barb Crew
Kindergartners receive postcards from the "edges" of Earth.

Starring Tony Vincent
"Roving Reporters" use technology to record history.

Starring Carolyn Beitzel
Back-to-School Night rocks with PhotoJam.

Starring Sue Flaherty
Students contemplate the future in "Write Your Own Life."

Starring Raeann Edwards
Gifted students reuse refuse in "Junk Drawer Wars."