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Education World's Science Subject Center is your one-stop shop for free science teaching materials. Be sure to check out the sidebar on this page for links to science lesson plans, printable work sheets, and other tools and resources. Click links below to read articles of practical interest to science educators across the grades.

Students Experiment as Mad Scientists for a Day
Whats better than a hands-on science experiment? A school full of them! One Maryland elementary school holds a Mad Scientist Day so students and their parents can try all kinds of science activities. Included: Description of Mad Scientist Day projects.

Siemens Foundation Chief Aims to Expand Programs Reach
The Siemens Foundation long has been known for honoring top math and science students. New foundation president Jeniffer Harper-Taylor wants to make math, science, engineering, and technology education more accessible to students at all grade levels.

Training the Next Generation of Science, Math Teachers
Building musical instruments to teach the physics of sound, and using geometry to construct life-size figures, are just two of the inspiring lessons brought to schools by teachers in the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation fellowship program.

Planting Seeds in Future Scientists
Research shows that interest in science must be fostered before students get to seventh grade. Engaging future scientists is the reason one Maryland middle school presents an annual night full of science exploration and enlightening presentations.

Recycling Activities Turn Trash Into Treasure
In one Indiana art class, students create glamorous ensembles from recycled rubbish and strut their stuff on the runway. A Spanish club in Missouri makes money and serves a need in the community by operating its own recycling center.

Planner Nights for Parents Give Students a Jump on Projects
Teachers were concerned about students effort on projects, so the schools Title I teacher planned a Project Planner Night. Parents appreciated this chance to gather project materials, clarify instructions, see sample A and C projects from previous years, and more.

Harry Potter, Magic Hook Kids on Science
As a new teacher, Alan McCormack turned to magic to conjure up more student interest in his science lessons. Then, when the Harry Potter books appeared, he wove aspects of those books into his lessons. His students were enchanted.

Principal Turns Bat Presence Into Teachable Moment
Bats typically are not welcome indoors, and when bats in a school gymnasium raised concerns about potential attacks on students, a principal turned to a biologist to give the school and greater community an education about these misunderstood winged mammals.

Start Your Engines
Merging his life-long love of racing and a classroom of fourth graders, teacher Tom Stock created a winning learning combination.

Creating a Multimedia Journey
Students take a journey through sound, exploring the sounds of the places they visit. They then research some of those places and write a fictional account of their journey.