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Creating a
Multimedia Journey




Educational Technology
Language Arts
-- Creative Writing
Social Studies



Advanced (Adaptable for most grades)

Brief Description

Students journey to another country researching some of the places they visit along the way and write a fictional account of their adventure.


Students will

  • learn about other countries.
  • create a narrative.
  • develop their abilities to create multimedia projects using a range of media sources.


Travel, sound, culture

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Explain to students that they are going to go on a journey to another country -- any country in the world -- and ask each student to choose a country he or she would like to visit. (For students who can't decide on a country     you might suggest a destination or have them close their eyes and point to a spot on a map.)

After students have selected their destination have them study a Globe or world map and plan a journey from their current location to their final destination that includes five stops along the way. Older students may also use Google Maps to help plan out their routes.

Once the students have selected their five stops have them use keywords to search the British Library Sounds database for sounds from that area. Students can search for environmental and nature sounds accents and dialects world and traditional music etc. These sound files can be embedded right into the final fictional account.

Ask students to open a new window on their browsers and go to flickr. Each student then should search for and download what he or she feels are the most appropriate images of the places visited.

Have students listen to their sound files again this time while looking at the images selected. Ask students to make notes about what they hear.

Finally ask them to use the images and notes to write a story of their journey. They can do that using a word processor a blog or a web site.    

Extension Activity  

Students also might upload their images and record the story of their journey using voicethread or PowerPoint. You can see a voicethread tutorial here. Depending on the type of hardware available to the students, they might be able to do this directly through.      


Students grades should be based on their engagement in the activity and the quality of the final product.

Lesson Plan Source

Developed from an original blog posting on Learning technology teacher development blog.

Submitted By

Nik Peachey

National Standards

GRADES 9 - 12
NS.9-12.2 Physical Science
NS.9-12.5 Science and Technology


NT.K-12.3 Technology Productivity tools