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Ready-to-use Lesson Plans to Teach Character Education and Social Emotional Learning!

Based on popular read aloud books, each lesson focuses on a character building trait and includes discussion questions, writing assignments, and student activities for building life skills such as diversity, trustworthiness, self-esteem, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship.

Teaching Diversity with Smoky Night
Lesson Objective: To understand that people may look different and come from different backgrounds, but that everyone can live, work and learn together

Teach About Sharing with The Mine-O-Saur
Lesson Objective:  To understand why sharing is important and how much fun it can be

Teaching Self-esteem: Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon 
Lesson Objective:  To understand what self-esteem is and identify what each student is good at

Teaching Empathy with Stand in My Shoes
Lesson Objective: To understand what empathy is and identify ways to demonstrate empathy to others in a variety of different situations

Teaching Creativity with Elephants Can Paint Too! 
Lesson Objective: To understand what creativity is and how to express it

Teaching Self-esteem With Zero
Lesson Objective: To understand what self-esteem is and identify positive qualities about themselves as well as activities that provide positive feelings

Teaching Diversity: All the Colors of the Earth
Lesson Objective: To understand and appreciate that people look different, but that everyone can work and learn together

Elmer the Elephant - Accepting Differences
Lesson Objective: To identify external and internal traits and recognize how differences make each person unique and special

Teaching Compassion with Angelo
Lesson Objective: To identify ways to show compassion to others

Teaching Compassion with How to Heal a Broken Wing - 
Lesson Objective: To understand what compassion is and identify ways to show compassion

Learning About Anxiety: Wilma Jean the Worry Machine
Lesson Objective: To identify worries and how to deal with them

Written by Kimberly Greacen, Education World® Contributing Writer

Kimberly is an educator with extensive experience in curriculum writing and developing instructional materials to align with Common Core State Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy.

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