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Online Mapping
Knowing your home address is important in early childhood. Learning how to read and write directions is key as well. So in this online activity, students use Google Maps to pinpoint their home address and get directions to and from school.

Great End-of-Year Lessons -- Volume #3
You're tired, and you're eager to get through the last few days, but you feel guilty about showing videos or letting the kids play games. Education World offers five more end-of-year activities that will engage students, and maybe even include some new learning.

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Tech Lesson: Evaluating Web Sites
Do your students take everything they read on the Internet at face value? Do they know how to identify accurate, authoritative, and authentic information on the Web? This lesson, for grades 6-8, teaches students the basic criteria and procedure for evaluating Web sites for research purposes.

What's New? Translating Foreign Newspapers With Word
Engage students while practicing translation skills. This activity helps foreign language students decode newspaper articles from around the world using Microsoft Word's Text-to-Table tool.

A+ Lesson Plans from Alexandria Middle Magnet School
Seventeen teachers at Alexandria Middle Magnet School for Math and Science in Alexandria, Louisiana, have shared their favorite lessons. You're sure to find a lesson or two here to add to your bag of tricks!

Icebreakers: Volume 8
Are you still looking for the perfect activity to help you get to know your students -- and to help them get to know one another? Take a look at these icebreaker activities contributed by teachers from around the globe!

Icebreakers: Volume 7
Education World readers have come through again! This week, we introduce the first of two new volumes of teacher-tested icebreaker activities for the first days of school.

Just for You -- Lessons to Leave Behind When You Get Away!
Whether tending to a loved one, taking in a conference, or simply taking a well-deserved personal day, every teacher has occasion not to be in the classroom. And every teacher has the responsibility to provide a sure-fire, successful plan for the substitute who will bravely step into his or her shoes. This Teacher Appreciation Week, in recognition of all that you do, Education World provides five lessons to leave behind for your class and your substitute to enjoy!

Have a Heart! -- Celebrate Valentine's Day Across the Curriculum
On Valentine's Day, as on most other in-school holidays, excited students can create a classroom atmosphere that wreaks havoc with the learning process. Don't fight it! Join in the spirit -- with activities that celebrate the day without sacrificing instruction.

What Next?

Education World presents "What Next?" the final chapter in our yearlong Millennium Series.

Hot Activities for Celebrating Summer!
It's official -- summertime is here! The last days of school are a great time for reinforcing some summer safety rules and for looking ahead to some great summertime fun. This week's Education World lessons help you accomplish those things! Included: Activities connected to Tall Ships 2000, summer snacks and food safety, roller coasters, and more!

Wind Up Learning as the Year Winds Down: Activities for the Last Days of School
The last few days of the school year are upon you, and you're at a loss for what to do. Do you emphasize fun or attempt to squeeze in some last-minute learning? This week, Education World shares more than a dozen great end-of-year ideas! Included: Share your own ideas on a special Education World message board so other teachers can learn from your experiences!

Entrepreneurs in the Classroom: M.Y.O.B. Spells Success
The Small Business Administration reports that students who participate in entrepreneurship programs demonstrate increased initiative and self-confidence. School interests such students more because they see how acquiring practical skills and learning to solve problems contribute to future success. Discover how two eighth-grade teachers in Connecticut integrated school-to-career connections in their curriculum --- and learn how you can Mind Your Own Business too! Included: Ten activities for incorporating entrepreneurship education into the curriculum.

Marching into the Millennium: Classroom Activities for the Year 2000
Talk about teachable moments! How often does a year end in three zeroes? At my count, this opportunity won't come around for another thousand years! Wise teachers will capitalize on this special time in history. This week, Education World provides you with the tools to do just that! Included: Four millennium-related online projects for students across the grades and online resources to teach about the new millennium and the new century.

168 Pennies: A National School Campaign to Build the Oklahoma City National Memorial
Students around the globe have an opportunity to raise 168 pennies --- one penny for each victim of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. In addition, the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation has created a teaching kit for classroom use. The kit includes a 168 Pennies brochure; lesson plans for five activities; and a five-minute video featuring Oklahoma native Shawntel Smith, Miss America 1996, and Clint Seidl, a young student who lost his mother in the bombing. Included: Instructions for ordering the kit, and sample activities too!

Celebrate the 100th Day in 100 Ways!
One hundred ideas for celebrating the 100th day of school!

Middle School Students Suggest School Improvements
What kinds of classes, activities, resources, or facilities (etc.) would middle school students like their community to provide for them in school or after school? Learn what some middle school students had to say when Education World asked them that question! Included: A writing Lesson Plan for learning about your students' needs!

First-Day-of-School 'Icebreakers' Help Students and Teachers Warm Up!
Are you looking for the perfect way to get to know your students and help them get to know one another? You'll find it here! This week, Education World offers more than 15 creative "icebreakers" from our readers. Included: Links to Ed World stories from previous years, providing more than 50 great getting-to-know-you activities!

The Ants Go Marching...Into Your Lesson Plans!
Why not capitalize on the recent release of the animated feature movie "Antz" and the soon-to-be-released "A Bug's Life"? Education World offers a scavenger hunt, with questions for students in all grades (and an "Ant-swer" Key, of course!) Every teacher should have "ants in your plans"!? Included: Fun activities to extend ants into your language arts curriculum!

Fourteen Great Activities for the First Days of School!
Last September, in response to an Education World story, teachers around the world sent in their favorite first-day-of-school activities. So here they are! Fourteen great activities to help you get to know your new students -- and to help them get to know you!

Fourteen MORE Activities for the First Days of School!
Education World's readers responded to last year's back-to-school story with more that two dozen great ideas! So here, in a follow-up to Fourteen Great Ideas for the First Days of School, is the second batch of reader ideas -- fourteen MORE activities for the first days of school!

Take a Trip to Nagano -- Home of the Olympic Games!
Welcome to Nagano, Japan! Come -- explore! Use the Internet to "bring home" Nagano to your students! Included -- classroom activities for all grades: Speak Japanese. How much is a yen? Read a map. Nagano symbols and stats. More!

Go for the Gold! Olympic Games Spark Classroom Activities!
Capitalize on your students' Olympic interests with Internet-inspired activities. Included: A dozen activities -- and four Teaching Masters -- for use across the grades!

Getting to Know You: Activities for the First Day of School
Every veteran teacher has his or her favorite first-day-of-school activities. Here are a few of mine. Let me hear about your favorites too!

A Month With No Holidays? Make Up Your Own!
Boring August! No holidays! So why not ask your students to invent their own holidays for August? We'd love to hear your students' ideas.

Hercules: Dont "Myth This Teaching Opportunity!
Capitalize on your students interest in Disneys new animated feature, Hercules, with a few related activities, and some Web sites worth exploring. (Upper elementary grades and above.)