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Featured GraphicA+ Lesson Plans from
Alexandria Middle Magnet School

Meet the team of teachers and other staff members at Alexandria Middle Magnet School for Math and Science in Alexandria, Louisiana. Seventeen teachers have shared lessons. Together, those lessons help paint a picture of what makes Alexandria such a great place to teach and learn. Included: 17 terrific lessons.

This month, Education World shines the spotlight on the teachers of Alexandria Middle Magnet School for Math and Science in Alexandria, Louisiana. Teachers there provided Education World with some of their favorite lessons. Thanks to their generosity, we are able to share those lessons with you. Below you will find seventeen lessons in all. You're sure to find among them a few wonderful ideas to share with your students!


Alexandria Middle Magnet
By the Numbers

Grades: 6-8
Total Enrollment: 608
Students with Disabilities: 108
Gifted: 13
504: 35
Homeless: 4
American Indian: 3
Asian: 12
Black: 436
Hispanic: 2
White: 155
# of Free/
Reduced Lunch:
430/ 82%
Attendance Rate: 97.8%
Dropout Rate: 1.6%
Suspension Rate: 37%
Expulsion Rate: 5.2%

Click on each of the five lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. (Appropriate grade levels for each lesson appear in parentheses.)

True Grid
Use the coordinates on a grid to draw an accurate image. (Grades 3-12)

Three Branches of Government
A fun way to review responsibilities of three branches of government. (Grades 5-12)

Charting Growth: A Buddy Lesson
Older students document the growth of young "buddies" throughout the school year. (Grades K-12)

Real-Life Math Project
Math project teaches students about life as they assume roles and responsibilities of "real people." (Grades 3-12)

Get-In-Line Math
K-12 students review math skills by creating a human number line. (Grades PreK-12)


But that's not all! We have 12 more lessons from the great teachers at Alexandria MMS -- lessons on a wide range of topics, from Ancient China's terracotta soldiers to photo physics. Click here to view any one of the lesson plans listed below.

Geometry PowerPoint
Challenge students to find geometric shapes in real-world settings.

Photo Physics
Find 10 pictures that illustrate concepts of physics.

Workout Plan
3-minute intervals of exercise, machine by machine.

Making Polygons
Hands-on lesson reinforces understanding of regular polygons.

Literature Circles in Any Discipline
"Literature circle" activity has many applications.

Terracotta Soldiers of Ancient China
Use imagination, art skills to create terracotta soldiers.

Song Day
Write personal responses/interpretations of music.

Civil War Project
Capitalize on students' range of learning styles.

Integrating Math and Landscaping
Discover horticulture as a hobby, learn valuable life skills.

Re-call Y'all
A fun activity for reviewing content prior to a unit test.

Can You Make a Fossil?
Create your own "fossils."

Story-Starter Writing Activity
Diagram the elements of a short story.