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The Importance of Nurturing Resiliency in Children
Societal pressures on families and children make resiliency an important characteristic for children to have. Once thought to be an inborn trait, resiliency can be developed and cultivated with help from educators.

Getting the Most Out of School Counselors
While elementary-school guidance counselors still are not the norm, those that are assigned to schools can provide valuable support to students, teachers, parents, and principals. The key is to let them do their jobs.

Best of the Icebreakers
Education World has been collecting great icebreaker activities from teachers since 1997. This year, we take a look back and spotlight some of the best of the more than 150 ideas that teachers have shared. Included: Ten creative, teacher-tested ideas.

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    Upping the Odds on Standardized Tests
    Help your high school students perform their best on upcoming college admissions or state standardized tests with this fun and informative lesson plan. Students research test-taking tips focusing on nutrition, sleep, stress reducers, and more, and then present their findings -- in a variety of fun projects -- to another class or grade level.

    Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Lessons) Just for You!
    Aretha and Rodney are always talking about respect; now it's Ed World's turn! If your students lack it or could stand to learn more about it, we offer five lessons this week to get them talking and thinking about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    Teaching @ Tolerance
    Martin Luther King dreamed of a world more tolerant that the one he lived in. This weeks lessons are designed to teach kids about Kings dream of tolerance. Included: Lessons on stereotyping, appreciating differences, recognizing how words can hurt (or heal), and more!

    ESL Lessons on the Web
    In the last 100 years, the number of foreign-born U.S. residents has grown to about 30 million people -- resulting in a corresponding growth in demand for schools to provide effective ESL and EFL programs at all levels of instruction. This week, Education World offers a guide to some of the best online lessons for ESL/EFL students in middle school, high school, and above.

    Career Education: Setting Your Students on the Path to a Valued Vocation
    Only rich people can go to college!" That is what one third grader told teacher Heather Root. Now, Root and other educators are emphasizing career education in their classrooms, even at the elementary level. With the resources of the Web as your guide, you too can implement a study of occupations that enlightens, inspires, and encourages your students to succeed! Included: Online resources for screening personality and interest, writing rsums, and the all-important job interview. Lesson plans for teachers too!

    Rock or Feather: A Critical-Thinking Activity
    A simple activity can reveal much about the students you work with each day. Students make and defend their choices in this activity, called Rock or Feather? Included: Comments from teachers who've used the activity -- and a printable activity sheet!

    Understanding Kids Who Are Different: Activities for Teaching About Disabilities
    April is Special-Education Month. In the classroom, of course, every month is special-education month -- and every day is a day when special students need to be recognized, appreciated, and understood. This week, Education World brings you some of the best on-line resources for teaching students about the special needs -- and unique strengths -- of people with disabilities.

    Ten Activities to Improve Students' Self-Concepts
    A student enters school as a unique individual, molded by genes, environment, and a certain spark within himself. An increased awareness of how special that unique spark really makes him helps that student retain that quality when the pressure is on to follow the pack. Included: Ten simple projects to help preserve individuality and promote self-esteem!

    Students Teach Students: Using Student Essays To Build Coping Skills and Self-Esteem
    Essays written by teens about issues that teens face might help build students' self-esteem and their ability to "triumph over trouble." Included: A new essay contest for students ages seven to 18!

    A weekly activity that allows the exchange of compliments and criticism among the students in your class can help resolve conflicts and teach children how to properly handle conflict.