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In a Sub's Shoes

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Ed World News Editor Ellen Delisio tries substitute teaching.

Reflections from a Newbie Sub
With my stint as a substitute teacher at an end, I got to look back at the path I traveled in unfamiliar shoes and think about what I learned. My respect for anyone who stands in front of a class has grown, as has my understanding of today's students.

Middle School Day Has Ups and Downs
I was looking forward to my last substitute assignment, teaching middle-school French, as a chance to experience secondary-school teaching and use some language skills. Each 40-minute period, I learned, comes with its own personality.

Enjoying "A Great Class"
A fourth-grade class touted as "a great class" lived up to its reputation, even for an inexperienced sub. Classroom helpers made the day go more smoothly, and I experienced some of the satisfaction that comes from teaching.

A Paraprofessional Saves the Day
The help paraprofessionals provide classroom teachers often is underappreciated. I learned first hand just how valuable a good "para" can be in helping to manage a difficult second grade class.

A Day Steeped in 'Boy Behavior'
Males in a third-grade class proved challenging with their inability to be quiet, sit still, and cooperate. But I left school wondering if it was all bad behavior or if some of it was "boy behavior."

A Chance to Teach and Learn
A day spent split between assignments in an elementary school gave me the chance to teach two fourth grade classes, observe some quality teaching, and work with students individually.

Keeping Busy in Kindergarten
Despite recent curriculum changes, kindergarten remains unique as an introduction to school. Spending a full day with a kindergarten class when I was not feeling my best gave me new respect for those who teach the littlest ones.

Graduating to Fourth Grade
After a trying launch to my year as a substitute teacher, I entered a fourth grade class this month determined to do better. Thanks to the class and some outside advice, it was a low-stress day for the kids and I.

A Rough First Day
A morning with fifth graders and an afternoon with second graders sounded like a good way to ease into subbing. But the second graders turned into a large and unexpected handful.

Transforming Into a Teacher
It's one thing to write about teachers, it's another thing to be one. This year Education World news editor Ellen Delisio plans to write about her experiences as a substitute teacher. But first she had to apply for the job and do some "student teaching."