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Go Figure Math-based Puzzles, Problems, and Brainteasers

Go Figure ImageUse these math-based puzzles, problems, and brainteasers as icebreakers, transition fillers, and ready-made math challenges -- to help answer the age-old kids' question: "Why do we need to learn Math?"

See the answer key for solutions to all GoFigure problems.

Summer Slushies
Which flavor did each boy drink?



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Oink & Cluck
How many pigs and chickens were in the wagon?

Daisy Hill Puppy Farm
How much will it cost Beatrice to open a new puppy farm?

Sweet Fractions
Can you identify the contents of my candy jar?

Measurement Mysteries
Use the clues to solve the measurement mysteries.

Birthday Balloons
How many birthday balloons did Jenny's mother buy?

What's My Number?
Can you fill in the missing numbers?

Vacation Travels
The Gomez family goes on a car trip. Students help Maria keep track of how far from home and how many miles the family travels.

The Creatures in My Yard
The Creatures in My Yard In my busy back yard, you can spy.?

Puzzling Columns
Rearrange the shapes to create a new pattern.

Missing Numbers
Solve each puzzle to find the missing number.

George Island
In which house does each of the children on George Island live?

Puzzling Columns
Use the 16 squares to create a new pattern.

Roll 'Em
What numbers did they roll on the dice?

The Bird or the Egg?
How many birds can you hatch from just one egg?

Car Shopping
Which car should Melanie buy? How far has each car been driven?

How Many Squares?
How many squares can students create using the dots in this puzzle?

The Hot Dog Stand
How much -- or how little -- can Harry charge for the items on the menu?

The Tall and Short of It
Can students figure out the names and heights of eleven students in a line.

What's Your Angle?
Test students' knowledge of angles with this clever puzzle.

What's for Lunch?
Can students figure out which meal goes to which restaurant customer?

What Color Is Your Balloon?
How many balloons of each color does Jeremy have to sell?

Count the Monkeys
In this amazing "vanishing" puzzle, students look for an elusive monkey.