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Daisy Hill Puppy Farm

Use these math-based puzzles, problems, and brainteasers as icebreakers, transition fillers, and ready-made math challenges -- to help answer the age-old kids' question: 'Why do we need to learn Math?'


    Beatrice loves “Peanuts” comics, so she has decided to open her own
    “Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.” She wants to know how much it will cost to open
    the Puppy Farm and operate it until she sells her first litters of puppies.
    Beatrice plans to buy 6 pregnant females beagles, priced at two for $160.
    Each pregnant beagle will need a house costing $60.
    Each beagle also will eat 1/2 pound of food a day for 60 days, until the puppies are born.
    After the puppies are born, each mother beagle will eat ¾ pounds of dog food a day, plus a daily snack.
    For the first 30 days after they’re born, the pups will be nursed by their mothers; they will eat no solid food. After 30 days, each pup will eat ¼ pound of dog food plus one snack each day.
    Beagle litters average six puppies each.
    Beagle food costs $6 a pound. Beagle snacks cost .06 cents each.
    When the puppies are 40 days old, Beatrice plans to sell them to the pet store for $100 each.

    1. If beagle litters average 6 pups, how many pups will Beatrice
    have to sell?

    2. How much will it cost Beatrice to buy and care for the mother
    beagles until the pups are born?

    3. How much will it cost Beatrice to feed the mothers and pups until
    the pups are old enough to be sold?

    4. How much profit will Beatrice make if she sells each puppy for $100?

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