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Teaming Up To Achieve

Efforts Pay Off, Work Continues
A year of planning, strategizing, and intensely-targeted instruction paid off for staff and students at Parkville Community School in the form of higher test scores. But the gains still were not enough to move it off the federal schools-in-need-of-improvement list.

In High-Stakes Year, Kids Embrace Own Learning
Every adult at Parkville knew the school had a lot riding on this years high-stakes tests. Not only were teachers and staff focused on improvement, but students also internalized where they needed to go and what they needed to do to get there.

Staying Focused and Balanced
Despite the demands of preparing for high-stakes tests, Parkville has made time for the past 11 years for a movement and dance program that touches on timely issues and involves students from other communities.

Literacy, School Choice Are Superintendents Priorities
A district in crisis cant keep doing the same things the same way and expect change, Hartfords new superintendent Dr. Steven J. Adamowski said. He is calling for a system of school choice, with more autonomy for higher-performing schools.

March Madness Comes to Parkville
After months of preparation and strategizing, the state tests were over. Parkville staff, students, and parents unwind on the basketball court with kids versus adults games in the schools version of March Madness.

Cheering Classmates Send Students to Tests
Most of Parkvilles students know where they are and where they need to go on the states high stakes tests, even if they may not know why this years efforts are so critical. So after months of preparation, the school holds a pep rally to get them pumped.

The Many Forms of Success
While sixth graders concentrate on what they need to know for the Connecticut Mastery Tests, their teacher notes that she already has seen important gains.

Test Prep Goes into High Gear
After Parkville teachers identified students most likely to reach the proficient level on the state tests with some focused remediation, extra help before and after school ramps up and students are told to take ownership of their learning.

Students Hone Skills on Practice Tests
To make sure students are familiar with the format and content of Connecticuts high stakes tests, Parkville gives students practice tests under the same conditions they will experience on the actual test day

Zeroing in on Literacy
Literacy activities are a priority in Parkvilles school day, and are designed so teachers can regularly assess how students are progressing, and target lessons to their weakness.

Getting Kids on Track Through Early Intervention
Many of the students at Parkville Community School have challenges in their lives that affect their schoolwork. Staff members try to resolve problems as soon as possible through a multiple-layer intervention program.

Staying on Target
Parkville Community Schools principal Elizabeth Michaelis knows where her school is and where it needs to go to get off the federal watch list. During academic reviews with teachers, she made sure everyone else knew as well.

Parkville Celebrates Successes
Few schools break out confetti and noisemakers when told they've been named a school in need of improvement under the No Child Left Behind Act. But even though the school did not make AYP, Parkville still had plenty of good news to celebrate.

Plunging Into Reading, Math
A second grade class wastes no time jumping into reading and math, mindful of what will be tested by the state next year.

Getting Down to Business -- in Uniform
Parkville's first week of school included a good response to the new district uniform policy on opening day and teacher workshops on phonics, themes, and classroom environments.

A Look at Hartford and its Schools
Hartford, Connecticut, is home to numerous recent immigrants, as well as those who struggle with poverty. The schools are challenged to help all these students compete in a high-achieving state.

Staff Ready to Dig In, With More Hard Work on the Horizon
With a majority of its students from non-English-speaking homes, Parkville Community School's progress looks admirable. But it still falls short of AYP, so in the days before school started, teachers dissected data to help them develop lesson plans.