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Vacation Travels

Use these math-based puzzles, problems, and brainteasers as icebreakers, transition fillers, and ready-made math challenges -- to help answer the age-old kids' question: 'Why do we need to learn Math?'



The Gomez family is going on a car trip.
Maria is in charge of keeping track of how far from home the family is and how many miles they have driven.
Day One: The Gomez family heads west. They drive 50 miles before they realize that they left the family dog at home. Mama drives back home, picks up Scout, and again heads west. The family travels 200 miles more before stopping at a campground for the night.
Day Two: Maria's brother Will convinces his father to drive back to the Weird Wax Museum they passed on the way to the campground. The museum is 70 miles east of their camp. After touring the museum, Papa once again heads west. When they stop for the night, Maria announces that they are now 60 miles west of the first campground.
Day Three: There's a lot to do at the second campground, so Will and Maria convince their parents to stay another night. Later that day, the family takes a ride to a lake 30 miles west of the campground. Then they return to the camp for the night.
Day Four: The family hits the road again, driving 250 miles west, stopping along the way to see the sights. When they stop for the night, Mama realizes that she's left her purse somewhere along the road. They drive back 20 miles before they and it in a souvenir shop.Then they return to the third campground, where they spend the night.
Day Five: Time to go home! Papa asks Maria how far from home they are, and how many miles they have driven. Can you help Maria answer Papa's questions?

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