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George Island

Use these math-based puzzles, problems, and brainteasers as icebreakers, transition fillers, and ready-made math challenges -- to help answer the age-old kids' question: 'Why do we need to learn Math?'


Directions: George Island, like any other island, is surrounded completely by water. Unlike other islands, however, George Island is a perfect square. The
six streets, which run north and south, separate the island into five long
blocks. The six avenues, which run east and west, separate the island
into five short rows of blocks.
Based on the clues below, figure out which house each of the children
on George Island lives in. Label the houses with the children’s names.
Sue lives on the same avenue as the park and Laura, but west
of both.
Dede, Ken, and Bill all live on the water, but not on the same street.
Elaine lives south of Dede and south of the park.
Ken lives closet to the school.
Laura, Dede, and Elaine all live the same distance from the park.
Elaine lives on a different street and avenue than Bill, but she
lives closer to him than any other child does.
Sue, Laura, and Elaine each lives exactly one block from the water.
Dede and Elaine live on the same street and exactly the same
distance from the park.

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