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Use these math-based puzzles, problems, and brainteasers as icebreakers, transition fillers, and ready-made math challenges -- to help answer the age-old kids' question: 'Why do we need to learn Math?'



Directions: Melanie is shopping for a car at Good and Cheap Used Cars. Six cars are on the lot, and Melanie wants to know how many miles each car has been driven. Can you help her figure it out? Read the information below and write the milage on each car's odometer.

  • The VW Beetle has been driven more than 200,000 miles and less than 300,000. Only two different numbers appear on the odometer. The numbers in the thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands place each equal half the value of each digit in the ones, tens, and hundreds place.
  • The Mustang convertible has about 1/3 of the mileage of the Beetle, and the five digits on its odometer form a palindrome.
  • The pickup truck has approximately 25,000 more miles on it than the Mustang. Its odometer shows only two different numbers; those two numbers form a repeating pattern.
  • The SUV has been driven as many miles as the pickup and the Mustang combined.
  • The silver Volvo's odometer shows 25 percent of the mileage of the SUV.
  • The odometer of the newest car on the lot, a hybrid, shows 21,642 miles, exactly half the mileage of the Volvo.

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