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What's for Lunch?

Use these math-based puzzles, problems, and brainteasers as icebreakers, transition fillers, and ready-made math challenges -- to help answer the age-old kids' question: 'Why do we need to learn Math?'


Directions: Erica just started working as a waitress. Today, six people in her section ordered lunch and paid the cashier. Now, they're waiting for Erica to bring the food to their tables, but she doesn't know which meal goes to which customer. Can you help? Use the information below and in the menu to figure it out. Then write the name of the correct customer at the top of each order.

  • Matt got change back from $3.00.
  • Ellen's lunch cost the most.
  • Tamika and Patty gave the cashier the same amount of money but Tamika got back a nickel more in change.
  • Rachael's lunch cost 95 cents more than Matt's lunch.
  • Fran gave the cashier $4.00 and got back 4 quarters and three nickels in change.
  • Patty only eats food that starts with a P.

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