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Directions: Brandon, George, Harper, and Jenny are playing a game. Each child has six dice. One at a time, they roll their dice and ask the others to figure out the numbers on the dice from two clues.

George rolls first. His two clues are:
1. The sum of the 6 dice is 12.
2.  All the dice show the same number.
Jenny says, “That’s easy! You rolled 2 on all six of your dice!” Can you figure out what each of the other three players rolled based on their clues?

Jenny’s clues:
1. My total is 2 more than twice George’s total.
2. I have 3 pairs of numbers on my dice.

Brandon’s clues:
1. I have exactly 2 pairs of numbers on my dice.
2. My total is the same as one other player.

Harper’s clues:
1. No two of my dice have the same number.
2. My total is more than George’s, but less than Jenny’s and less than Brandon’s.

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