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Showcasing Amelia Villanueva nad "Game Show Presenter"

"I use Game Show Presenter in the classroom for a fun, interactive review of classroom materials, particularly for test reviews," explained Amelia Villanueva, an English teacher at Kaffie Middle School in Corpus Christi, Texas. "The software provides a quick and easy method for quizzing students in any subject area; teachers can create multiple-choice quizzes in a game show format and let the learning begin!"

Villanueva discovered the software while searching for interactive quizzes to include on her Web site. The user-friendly program, which is available for purchase at a discounted rate for educators, allows teachers to easily set up reviews of classroom material with a quiz editor. Teams can be organized at the start of the game so everyone is involved. Lively music and a flashy "set" create what Villanueva describes as an authentic "television-style game show atmosphere."

"I just hook up my teacher station to the LCD projector and start the program. I'm so amazed at how much the game show review actually holds the attention of my middle school students," Villanueva told Education World. "They love the game show music, the sassy host, and his supermodel sidekick. Teams are easily formed, the software does all the score keeping, and the host's commentary is quite entertaining!"

In Villanueva's classroom, Game Show Presenter enhances her teaching by providing students with a fun and engaging review, or an introduction to new material in the form of pretests. She finds that students are motivated to pay attention because the software makes the experiences feel more like play than work.

"Teachers will have fun with this program," Villanueva stated. "Use it when you want to motivate students; it's well worth the price."

Free trial versions of Game Show Presenter for Windows and Macintosh are available for download.

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Article by Cara Bafile
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