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Tips for Buying Safe, Appropriate Toys


Here are some more toy-shopping safety tips from the experts:

  • Avoid buying toys for babies that have paint on them, said James Swartz, president of World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.).
  • Examine each toy as closely as possible to make sure it is safe for toddlers and babies.

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  • Check the age-range listed on the package for a toy, but also scrutinize it with your own child in mind, said Joan Lawrence, vice president for standards and government affairs for the Toy Industry Association. Even if your child is the right age for the toy, it still may not be appropriate for your child."
  • Demonstrate to children how to play with a toy. When toys are not used correctly, children can be injured.
  • Supervise play to ensure children are using a toy properly.

Toy Hazard Recalls The CPSCs list of toys that have been recalled.

Toy Recall Subscription List This service provided by the CPSC allows consumers to sign up to be notified of toy recalls.

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Article by Ellen R. Delisio
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