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Teachers: It's Not Too Late to Book Summer Trips!



Somewhere between cutting out shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day and preparing for end-of-the-year projects, you realize that you have not yet made any summer vacation plans.


Not to worry. According to travel industry representatives, there still is time to book summer trips, whether you are traveling as a single or a family, independently or in a group, looking for leisure or learning, planning to stay close to home, or yearning to go abroad.

"Absolutely there is time to book trips. It's definitely the time for travel bargains. We are seeing some deals every day," said Ellen Kalish, a former English teacher and co-owner of Cruise Center, an agency in Houston, Texas, that exclusively books cruises.

"Probably this is the busiest time now," added Skip Fortier of MacNair Travel, in Alexandria, Virginia. "It's human nature to wait. A lot of times you don't have time to plan in the fall -- then all of a sudden it's spring break, and you have no summer plans. So we start getting lots of calls starting at the end of March."

Consider a timeshare for your summer vacation.

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