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Technology Trends Inching Toward Schools

The one-to-one computing and Web 2.0 waves are not washing into schools yet, but they are lapping at the doors.

Most students today are adept at text-messaging, Web casting, blogging, and socializing on the Web, but many schools so far have been unable or unwilling to keep pace with students technological expertise and interest.

Education technology experts told Education World, however, that the trends toward using portable electronic devices and personalizing the Internet are ones that schools will ultimately need to embrace to keep students engaged and competitive.

At the same time, experts said, schools shouldnt buy technology just to have it; educators need to decide what they want students to know and how technology will help them learn it.

And while adults are wading into these waters, kids are diving in head first. Youngsters spend more time online at home than in school, so parents still need to monitor students use of the Internet and electronic devices so they dont monopolize their time.

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Article by Ellen R. Delisio
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