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February 2005

The Wonders of Mathematics
Inquiry-based math activities K-12.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This site offers a series of inquiry-based mathematics activities that were created by teachers through staff development workshops delivered by the Galileo Educational Network Association (GENA) in conjunction with Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
This site is part of the much larger Galileo Educational Network. The left side menu offers easy access to the areas of particular interest to math teachers; Investigations, Puzzles, and Resources.

Math teachers will appreciate the carefully planned math lessons and activities in the investigations section. More than a dozen thought provoking investigations are available for both elementary and secondary students that cover such topics as statistics, finances, area, geometric models and more. If you really want to challenge your students to do some creative thinking, click on the Puzzles link to find more than sixty puzzles that can be printed and used in the classroom. Each puzzle includes the area of mathematics and the objectives that it addresses. There is an extensive list of online and print resources available to help improve mathematics instruction. Also worth a look is the “Classroom Examples” (found in the top menu) that features completed inquiry-based projects in grades K-12. This is a great place to spark your thinking in creating your own projects in the humanities or science.


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