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A+ Math

The Web site has flashcards, math problems, and games -- all with the intent of increasing mathematical knowledge. Users will also find a section for math homework help.

The site offers frame and non-framed versions. Many of the pages use colorful fonts and varied typefaces, making it appealing to a younger audience.

The frame version displays a menu on the left side of the page and the problems, game, or other information is shown on the right. In the non-framed version, the section is displayed full-screen in the center. Viewers must use the navigation buttons on their browsers to move between sections.

This site was created as an interactive math Web site for kids. Users can view flashcards (where the user supplies a missing component) for basic mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as reducing fractions, currency calculations, and geometric shapes. Viewers can play a math version of bingo or play a "Hidden Picture" game. The Homework Helper section allows users to input a problem and its answer and the computer will reply whether or not the solution is correct. Users must retry until the answer is right. This is a great way to teach math to students because they will be having fun while they are learning and they'll want to learn more. Individual lesson plans could be built around the site or students could visit the site on their own to improve their math skills.