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Apply Lessons: Applications of Mathematics
Shows math being used in "the real world."
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site, developed by the Ministry of Education of the Government of British Columbia, helps students to see the usefulness of taking math courses by linking the lessons to specific occupations that use the skills that students are learning.
The main page is a simple index of lessons. The lesson titles are then listed at the bottom of the page with short descriptions.

Have your math students ever complained, “Why do we have to do this stuff, anyway?” Well, this site has the answers! These math lessons show how math is used in everyday applications. Lessons are linked to such occupations as electrical engineer, fire fighter, event planner, house painter, golf pro, and many more. Each lesson includes the application of the math involved, practice for in class discussion, the mathematics principle, hands-on learning experience for students, and the opportunity for students to use their learning to solve a real-life problem. Additionally, many of the lessons provide extensions and extra practice.


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