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S I T E     R E V I E W

August 2001
Updated JUNE, 2007



This site is designed to help teachers "translate NCTM principles and standards for school mathematics into classroom practice."
The layout of this site is direct and easy to follow. Users must have a Java-enabled browser and QuickTime.


The site content is organized into sections by grade level and by type of content. A front-page navigation menu gives access to the main sections and internal pages have a top navigation bar for movement within the site. A handy search page is also available for searching NCTM and Marco Polo as well as Illuminations.
This is a site that every math teacher will want to bookmark. Each grade level section of the site includes lesson plans, video vignettes of teaching and learning, interactive lessons for students, and an interactive version of NCTM math standards. The interactive iMath Investigations include ready to use lessons for every grade level. For instance, K-2 students can get the turtle to the pond using geometry and programming, 3-5 students can explore geometrical patterns by spinning the virtual blocks, and 9-12 students can analyze the behavior of light. Teachers will find Interactive Math tools (Java Applets) to use in their classrooms to explore math or create interactive lessons. Included are articles, illuminations research and an interactive math dictionary.


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