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Once upon a timethere was no recourse for children and their parents as they struggled over math homework armed only with half-remembered formulas, muddled operations, and (in the case of the parents) rusty skills. Times have changed. Now students -- or their parents -- can access those forgotten formulas, as well as tutorials demonstrating how to use them, with just a click of a mouse. And if that isnt enough, expert advice is often only an e-mail away. So, if your students are bringing in math homework riddled with errors and misconceptions, consider encouraging them to check out one of the sites below.

[email protected] Math Resources
This site offers links to a large number of math resources by grade level (1-2, 3-5, 6-12), by category (math tools, math history, real-world math), and by topic (measurement, money, algebra, statistics, probability). The Elementary School area of the site also provides links to most math textbooks, where students (and their parents) can access the lessons taught in class. This is an extremely extensive and comprehensive site, with child-safe links selected by educators.

Fact Monster Homework Center
Fact Monster provides users with help with a much more limited number of topics than does aol, but provides more in-depth coverage of those areas. Designed for easy use by students, this site offers sections on Numbers and Formulas, Factors and Fractions, Measurement, and Money. Click any topic to find a detailed discussion of any aspect of that topic. The site also includes general information about mathematics, including Branches of Mathematics, History of Mathematics, and Notable Mathematicians. Math games and quizzes also are provided.

GoMath no longer offers free online math help via e-mail or forums, but many other extremely helpful services still are available. Students can conduct an automated search on a topic to find answers to previously-asked questions. In Algebra Solutions, they can submit a homework problem to get a tutorial demonstrating how to find the solution. Geometry Solutions provides a toll that calculates the perimeter, lateral and surface areas, and volume of plane and solid geometric figures." Other features at the site include interactive tutorials and quizzes, reviews, SAT Math, and Formulas To Go. This is an extremely helpful site for students who didnt quite grasp the concept in class or who need additional review and practice.

Homework Helper
A+ Maths Homework Helper provides younger students with a tool for checking their homework. They can enter a problem and a solution (on topics that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and learn immediately whether their answer is correct. The site, however, does not provide input about why an answer is wrong or how to obtain the correct answer. Other useful tools at this site included interactive addition and multiplication tables, flashcards, worksheets, and games.
Webmath provides interactive tutorials on a large number of math topics. Students choose a category (Math for Everyone, General Math, K-8 Math, Algebra, Plots and Geometry, Trig and Calculus), and select a topic in that category, to find a brief, easy-to-understand interactive tutorial on that topic. For example, students might click Multiply, enter a multiplication problem, click Multiply Them, and get the answer to the problem, along with an explanation of how to figure out the answer themselves. In the Other Stuff area of the site, students choose a topic from a drop-down menu to access a tutorial on that topic. Another great tool for students needing a better understanding of a math concept!


The sites below provide expert math help via e-mail.


The following sites include message boards where students can ask math-related questions.



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