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Selecting the right software for yourself, your students, or your curriculum can be a daunting task. These sites offer articles, downloads, publishers' specials, and product news, reviews, and ratings to help make easier the job of selecting just the right software. Included: Twenty sites to help ease the frustration of choosing software.

The number of available software titles -- especially education related software titles -- has increased dramatically in the past few years. That sudden surplus of riches has left many teachers, students, and parents struggling with the daunting task of finding the best software for their needs. The sites below offer information and other resources -- from free downloads, to reviews and ratings, to tutorials on using software programs, to a search engine that matches software and curriculum standards -- that are sure to make the task easier -- and save time and money.

EduMatch, from the Cambridge Development Lab, provides a search engine that allows visitors to match specific software products to state standards, curriculum, or teaching style. Teachers and administrators can locate and preview carefully selected curriculum software and find suggestions for how to best integrate those programs into their curriculum. The site also includes links to valuable education Web sites, news about the latest software, opportunities for software reviews, and more.

Equal Access to Software and information
The EASI Web site is an excellent resource for information about using technology and adaptive technology to empower students and adults with disabilities. The site includes live Webcasts and articles on such topics as creating accessible Web pages and distance learning, as well as links to legislation, online publications, libraries, journals, products, and companies.

Super Kids
SuperKids provides reviews of educational software that are based on analyses by parents, teachers, and kids. Written by teams following a specified testing protocol, the easy-to-read reviews cover such categories as system requirements, educational value, kid appeal, and ease of use. In addition, the site offers a selection of educational activities and worksheets, articles about educational issues, interviews with "visionaries and policy makers," and more.

Gazillionaire is an online computer game that teaches about the world of finance. The game, which can be downloaded for free, offers a fun and challenging way to introduce students to such concepts as supply and demand, business costs, loans and interest, and bankruptcy.

On-Line Practice Modules
Internet4Classrooms provides these solid tutorials suitable for teachers to use with students or for staff developers to use with teachers. Each tutorial includes step-by-step instructions for using a software program, a student assignment, and quizzes. Many of the tutorials also include handouts, worksheets, and free trials that can be downloaded and used in the classroom. Available tutorials include Dreamweaver, Excel, Word, Inspiration, Claris, HyperStudio, and more.


For even more great sites for online reference materials, visit the Reference area of Education World's Site Reviews Archives.