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S I T E     R E V I E W
May, 1998

Super Kids
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

SuperKids is an online magazine which provides reviews and ratings of educational software, articles about educational issues, and interviews with "visionaries and policy makers."

The reviews are mainly text, with a graphic representation of the overall rating at the bottom of the page. The text typeface is somewhat small and may be difficult for younger viewers.

The bottom of every page has the same set of links to help users navigate the site. Clicking on the SuperKids logo takes users to the "About SuperKids" section. The other sections are marked as links.

The SuperKids Web site provides children's software reviews based on analyses by parents, teachers, and kids. The reviews are written by teams following a specified testing protocol (sample evaluation forms can be found at the site). The products are tested in homes and schools to simulate the environments in which they might be used. According to the site, the reviews are designed to give "unbiased information to aid in [the] selection process." Reviews generally include links to similar products reviewed at the site for comparison purposes. Reviews are archived at the site and can be located from the index or via the search engine. Other sections include "Best sellers," "Tech Support Directory," and "Buyer's Guide." Users can read feature articles on current educational issues or participate in online contests. This is a good resource for parents and teachers who are looking software selection advice. It is especially good for anyone with a limited budget; the site can save users time and money.