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S I T E     R E V I E W

On-Line Practice Modules
Tutorials on popular software, aimed at teachers, staff developers, and students!
Grade Level: 9-12, Professional

This collection of in-depth tutorials offers detailed instructions for using some of the more popular software programs, including the Microsoft Office suite, Inspiration, and Internet Explorer. Some of the tutorials cover basic computer skills for the Mac and Windows operating systems. Caution: As the software packages evolve, some details within these tutorials may go out of date; most of the tutorial content, however, seems to be about basic tasks, which remain quite stable over time in major software packages.
The site features a simple, user-friendly format with a few appropriate graphics and easily-read text.
Tutorial titles are represented on the front page as a categorized index. Each tutorial has a detailed table of contents.
These are solid tutorials for teachers to use with students or for staff developers to use with teachers. Each tutorial includes a comprehensive table of contents and step-by-step instructions for each operation. Some of the tutorials also include a list of related resources from other Web sites. There are many tutorials available, including ones for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Inspiration, Internet Explorer, and Dreamweaver.

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