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S I T E     R E V I E W
March, 1999


Here is a wacky way to learn about the world of finance. In this free shareware game, Gazillionaire, you become "an intergalactic wheeler-dealer rocketing among the 7 planets of Kukubia as the head of your own trading company."

The game is full of great graphics and sound bites. Kids of all ages will enjoy the colorful aliens and fantastic spacecraft.

The game tutorial guides you through the ins and outs of playing. Users can control the complexity of the game, and therefore it can be used successfully with many different grade levels.

"Your spaceship is loaded with 100 tons of moon ferns, oggle sand, lava lamps, diapers and toasters. Your goal? Sell the cargo, make a cool profit and earn one million kubars before your squid-faced competitors beat you to it." Are you up to the challenge? Be careful! Like capitalism, this game can be addictive. Collecting one million kubars can take some time, so teachers may want to use it as an enrichment and/or free-time activity to supplement the regular curriculum. Gazillionaire is a great way to introduce young people to such things as supply and demand, business costs, loans and interest, and bankruptcy. Just beware of the mean Mr Zinn -- he loves to raise your interest rates without any warning!