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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1999

EASI -- Equal Access to Software and Information
GRADE LEVEL: Professional Educator

The EASI Web site is an excellent resource to learn more about using adaptive technology to empower students with disabilities in mainstream, special classroom, and workplace environments. EASI includes live Webcast interviews, articles, and other resources.

With large text and a plain "spiral bound" background, the EASI site is easy on the eyes. Some nice graphics liven up the pages.

The home page has an index to the site near the bottom. Each of the other pages has a link back to the home page and a section index at the bottom. The site's Webcast interviews require RealPlayer.

Just getting to school can be a lot of work for a child who is visually impaired or in a wheelchair; because of a disability, many children miss out on important learning opportunities. Adaptive technology can be the key creating successful and more "normal" school experiences for these kids. The EASI Website is a first-rate source of information, ideas, and up-to-date research on the uses of adaptive technologies. The site features regular live Webcast interviews with teachers and professionals discussing classroom experiences, programs, and current research in the field. Take some time to explore the site; there is a lot here. You'll find materials for teachers, students, administrators, and parents; advice on making accessible Web pages; information on legislation; on-line publications; and plenty more. An important site!