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General Teacher Sites


General teacher sites offer educators everything from lesson plans and curricular materials to professional development opportunities to help with specific classroom needs. Included: Ten sites chock full of great teacher resources.

The availability of resources in schools still varies widely, but teachers are no longer tied to making do with what they have on hand. The Internet offers every educator a wealth of tools for teaching almost any part of the elementary or secondary curriculum, as well as anywhere, anytime professional development opportunities, and help with specific classroom needs. Web sites developed especially for teachers use print and multimedia elements to deliver links to enhance lessons and activities, demonstrations of teaching methods and strategies, and articles and research on hot and ongoing education topics.

The following mega sites offer materials suitable for use in almost any classroom, as well suggestions for teachers interested in improving their teaching skills.

Smithsonian Education
Smithsonian Education offers high quality K-12 lesson plans in the areas of art and design, science and technology, history, culture, and language arts. Each lesson plan includes an overview, background information, activities, national standards, and resources. An extensive resource center also is provided, as well as a new museum-writing workshop that can be adapted for use in any museum.

The Gateway to 21st Century Skills
GEM is a one-stop source for high-quality online lesson plans, curriculum units, and other classroom and educational resources. The extensive collection is categorized by subject area, grade level, and keyword. Included is a "New Resources" link that offers a quick look at recent additions to the site, as well as information about and from the federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial sites that offer the great resources found here.

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)
FREE offers educational resources from more than thirty-five federal organizations. Resources include teaching ideas, learning activities, photographs, maps, primary documents and much more -- literally thousands of topics in a variety of formats. Each day, a new resource is featured along with an interesting fact; the latest additions are archived by date under the new resource link.

Learn NC
Learn NC offers a wealth of quality resources for K-12 teachers. Instructional resources include lesson plans and WebQuests; professional development resources with ideas for instructional strategies and educational practices; multimedia materials that demonstrate new ways of teaching and provide resources for classroom implementation; and articles on topics of particular interest to beginning teachers.


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