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eThemes: Online Resources for Educators
This site's from Missouri (and it sure shows you theme teaching!)
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

eThemes provides educators with a database of child-friendly Web resources organized around specific themes.
The site is attractively designed, with easy-to-read text and clearly marked links.
Links to each section of the site are provided in a right side navigation menu. Links are also embedded in the text on the main page. The theme resources are listed both alphabetically and by grade level, making finding what you need simple. There is also a search tool for locating specific eThemes.
eThemes is a project maintained by University of Missouri-Columbia College of Education staff and graduate students from the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. All the sites offered as resources are aligned with the eMINTS program standards. In addition, all sites are annotated and assigned an appropriate grade level. Only teachers who participated in the eMINTS program are able to make a resource request; however, this site can be used by all educators to find resources related to any of the themes listed. The areas covered by the eThemes are quite varied -- examples include aging, poetry, study skills, overpopulation, natural selection, and many, many more. This site does an excellent job of providing online resources for a variety of subjects, and its arrangement makes finding and using these resources easy for all educators.

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