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Family Fun Sites

Family Fun Sites offer parents an opportunity to explore the Internet with their children in a safe environment. Many of the sites have an educational focus, giving parents an opportunity to become involved in their child's learning as they guide their online activities. Included: A baker's dozen excellent sites for parents and kids to enjoy together.

Although the Internet provides many wonderful, entertaining sites for children, parents often are concerned about the risks of allowing children -- especially young children -- to explore the Web on their own. What better way to provide online guidance than for parents to enjoy family oriented sites with their kids. Those sites offer a plethora of activities to keep kids -- and their parents -- entertained for hours.
UpToTen offers animated storybooks, songs, games and more for children and parents. Three of the games change every day; the most popular games are featured each month. Each activity at the site offers additional information for parents and caregivers, which is available by clicking the Info button at the top of each page.

Funology: The Science of Having Fun
This site offers suggestions for activities that can be done online and off, including Tummy Ticklers (to make you laugh), recipes, crafts, and games. Youngsters can put their brains to the test as they learn funky facts, solve brainteasers, take a quiz, or visit the laboratory to whip up a ball of ooze.

PBS Kids
PBS Kids offers links to a number of high-interest, safe sites for children. Each individual site listed is based on a PBS children's television program, and each offers an array of activities and a cast of familiar characters. PBS is known for its high-quality education programming, and this Web site maintains that standard.

Young students are sure to enjoy these engaging games as they practice such skills as memory and hand-eye coordination. The Brainwork page offers a challenging Tangram puzzle to practice spatial skills, a Memory game, and Tic-tac-toe.The Click & Drag page allows children to actually manipulate the screen and practice mouse skills as they dress characters, search for differences, and put together puzzles. The online Coloring Book allows children to practice their colors as they use their mouse skills to color the pictures.




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